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Halo blog talk and idea fan base appreciation


Hello I'm just checking in I'm leaving this blog idea to see if any body would have any ideas on how this would work and if the industrys of 343 would take in consideration of a fan based idea for halo Hello my name is Knight Reapor 160 Xbox tags I've Ben going about doing some research on halo wouldering if there going to be another halo game after halo infinite so I red up on some blogs and it seams if it may be apon the facts and lines of halo reach and halo 3 Odst 

So I had a idea that would come back to the ideas of a new covenant governmental creatures call the hyveetcal hyve the thot of a story is that based off of odst compparringly I believe that the blood sweat and tears of the foundation was of the fact of brother hood a war one fought over counsel the rule declared of misunderstood authoritys of prophecy the truth of regret for isn't it written prophecy as it is so i understand that the love and time and passion of creativity is the greatest stories of all time like halo the greatest story of man kind and in history hopefully we can see another Halo 3 ODST and a Halo Wars FPS in the future I would love to ask 343 industrys if I may ask and if they could consider doing such think the name would be appropriate that I came up with wen I got into drawling was Halo 3 ODST New War the blood shed of our domain the spirit of corisma to honorably honorfy the past of those remember I would say that if this was to be so I think we're it would take of is from halo infinite did as Cortana became corrupted if Theres a chance were halo 93 ODS New War would be determined I would say to calculate the that the master chief gov would brake and part into fractions of undergoed services that go against the space station I would accurately say that humanity is working with the hyveetcal HYVE as ideal as the plot may thicken maybe theres a twisterd thriller to be unraveled I believe halo would no longer be called halo but asylum the beginning of end the secrets of diversity a division amongst division decisions maind under hand Treasury against wicked and those who apose a seal behind a seal the protagonist name would be Caution Shock for the shock of all things a precautionary walk through the absence of live walking in light but aware of the darkened danger from what lies amongst the shadows for the day they came I called them Awaked 7 for they were the seven troopers that took a sanctified oath of counsel the heights of rank beyond master chief higher Superior beings of a fire raid of fire squadrons of ODSt half sparten Half ODST if In Reach they were some what spartens they I understand that there could be advanced ODDT Hell Glyders the guards of the councils chainbers for a classified classifications unit of officers of duty choose to go out side demands and ranks to protect the kingdom of planetarium life form called earth a beginning of hope beggins in this relevency of blog idea I would call it save to say that there a darker future halo in the eyes of humanity scientifically DNA studies may or could appear for humans in science could profoundingly no or create no life forms of species from lizards and snakes creating a supper soldier of a allied protector of council doors against all that stands if they created a shield generator for chief in halo to wouldn't you think humans would some time evolve more proficiently I no this may be off track because of the the theology and historical physiology are the philosophy of halo books and time line created blogs created for the industry I also have the opinion that grunts growth systems change in size and as is tall as elites and enhanced and strength and weaponry this may even involve a nerval cov and it would be based off a black matter supplemented species that's created from the atmosphere from later on in space Eon some days for ages from a go known fact from the source of covenant research



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