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TGIF Open Thread!


Good morning Destructoid! It's that wonderful time of the week! It's Friday and I actually remembered this time!

I have the day off because the gf and I were planning on taking a trip up north this weekend buuut plans changed and I forgot to take away the PTO so fuck it, I'm just going to enjoy the lazy day. I'm just fine with an extra day off. I'm all for the workforce going to a 4 days of work and 3 days off for recovery type of schedule anyways! Work is overrated lol

This week was decent. It seemed to drag honestly. Work picked up and I was actually pretty busy buuuut only like half the time. This job is so weird. I'm also being consumed by the thought of moving out of the country...I need a change. It's getting to crazy here in the US. It's a big change though, and moving to an unknown area with different rules and currency scares me. Need to do some research to see if I can actually make it happen a few years from now. We'll see.

this weekend, the gf and I are going to a nice Mexican restaurant tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it. Their food is damned good but their version of the Mexican Pizza is boooomb. So very delicious. We're going during happy hour, so it'll all be at a discounted price annnnd I might just order an extra so I can take it home and enjoy it later lol We might also stop by our favorite horror shop Terror Trader just to see what's new and potentially pick up a few new cool items.

I beat Ghost of Tsushima and just wow. What a wonderful experience. Open world fatigue set in as it always does with large games like this, but overall, the game was a real treat. Great story, excellent combat and easily one of the most beautiful worlds I've seen in a game setting. Highly recommend for those who haven't played it yet. I'm now taking up Returnal which is very interesting but crazy difficult so far and I also started the original God of War trilogy for the first time to get myself ready for the new upcoming God of War game! I've only played a few hours of the original yeeeeears back when it first came out annnd I don't remember it being this rough lol Oh well, I'm determined to push through!

Chrono's song of the week:

How was your week Dtoid? Any fun weekend plans? Watch, play or read anything new worth sharing? Let us know down in the comments and as always, happy gaming!

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