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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #233 - Sinister Shock


Featuring Lufia II:Rise of the Sinistrals and japanese pop.

Greetings fellow music lovers,

we are in the midst of summer, so I decided to go into full summer mode by having a look at some of games that used to have moderate success back in the day but have fallen a little bit into obscurity since. A few years ago I already made an entry about Lufia II (1995) regarding the song The Prophet for which occasionally pop up new samplings which I post on Twitter. For this entry, I'd like to write some things about the theme that plays when you fight one of the Sinistrals:

The song sounds like an amalgamation of 90s japanese rock standards and I can say something about two of them.

First, for the timestamp from above by there is a song with the title "I Missed The Shock" by japanese synth pop artist Akina Nakamori from 1988 that features a reminiscent sequence in its refrain:

There is also a more vague similarity to an earlier sequence in a song by Megumi Hayagawa:

Megumi Hayagawa - "横須賀17エレジー" (1985):

Maybe some more Lufia next week!

Phil out.

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