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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #231 - Final Means Franchise Again


Featuring R-Type Final and japanese pop music.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

thanks to a nice response from the Shmups community, I decided to make another entry for this genre. It concerns R-Type Final (2003), the swan-song of the R-Type franchise with 100 selectable ships. Then came Command. Then they made a sequel.

For the ending music the game uses the song "Proud of You", a single by japanese back-then pop idol Shiina Hekiru (composition Kine Naoto), a bittersweet melody with a distinctive progression at one point:

I've come to the conclusion that comparable progressions are present in japanese pop music at least since the 80s, mostly in the kind that has been influenced by dance pop. Some examples:

BaBe - "Tonight!" (1988):

And another one from a Heavy Metal Band.

Action! - "Lady Love" (1982):

And some rather partial ones:

Mariko Fuji - "Whisper to Me" ( 1981 ):

Don't know yet what exactly I'll do next week!

Phil out.

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