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Extra Life Extravaganza - May 14th, FF13-2!


Extra Life 2022 - Part 1!

When: May 14th, 9 AM - at least 9 PM

Where: https://twitch.tv/taterchimp

Where (part 2): https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donordrive.participant&participantID=477883  

Why: https://www.extra-life.org/

I have started something of a tradition over the past few years - twice a year, I play videogames for Extra Life all day!  It’s been a lot of Final Fantasy lately, and this year is going to be no exception, as on May 14th I am going to be playing through Final Fantasy 13-2 blind.  I am going to do 2 streams (probably) on the Monday and Wednesday beforehand, so I have a foothold before starting.  

It wouldn’t be a charity stream without some incentives, so of course this year will have more than a handful!  Donations are tricky to follow while streaming, so I am going to be adding a stream reward beforehand so that you can let me know what you would like with your donation, if anything.  The incentives are below:

  • RE8 speedrun - 60   This will be NG+++, and should take under 3 hours with no plot.
  • Ring 2 Bells in Dark Souls - 80   I have gotten rusty, so this is probably another 3 hour affair
  • For Karl! - Run a mission in Deep Rock - 25  Much shorter, much simpler, much manlier.
  • All star donation - play any Neil C album - 30  There’s only so much I can take of in game soundtracks, save me with memes.
  • Jukebox - play a song of your choice - 10  If you don’t like Neil C, call your shot!  DMCA friendly is better, but twitch’s auto mute is pretty dang good, and I am no big shot, so I don't think that people will want to go back to my vods for it.
  • Shave head - 150   I’ll do it!
  • Shave beard - 250  I’ll be really sad to do it!
  • Have something else in mind?  Let me know!  Its for the kids, so Ill pretty much whore myself out for money doing just about anything - eat something spicy, sing a song, buy me an adult beverage, or have me send a steamy DM of my feet, they sky is the limit!

The goal for this year is to raise $1,000 dollars total across two streams, so a $500 dollar goal per stream.  Also, this year I do have a team with a few of my friends, so please get in contact with me if you would like to join in!  I am hoping to see you there!

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