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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #223 - Veldtmusik


Featuring Final Fantasy VI and caribbean music.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

I know we don't have Final Fantasy month at the moment, but since caribbean music also seems to have found its way into the FF franchise I think it's acceptable to make an exception here. And we dig right away into one of the major entries in the franchise: Final Fantasy VI. This game has an area that was obviously inspired by the african wilderness. In fact, "Veld" is "a type of wide open rural landscape in Southern Africa" so you cannot get much more explicit. And of course, it has a catchy theme that plays while you keep wandering it to obtain the last rages of feral child character Gau: 

It is pretty evident, that the song was inspired by african tribal music. So, if you studied this kind of music extensively you would probably have an easy time creating a song with an authentic experience.


or you just study a genre which has a lot of african influence and is already very popular in your country: Calypso. Thus, I present you a number of songs from this genre that may or may not have been an inspiration.

For the rhythm at the beginning of the song:

Ragga Ragga - "Red Plastic Bag" (1993):

Winston Soso - "Ah Feel To Party Tonight" (1986):

Maybe also one of the variations in:

Bally - "Maxi Dub" (1989):

Next we have the foreground melody starting at 0:05. This may or may not be inspired by Calypso. But there is a song by japanese hard rock band "Aion" from 1991 that has a very similar tone and progression:


Finally, for the rhythm at 0:57 we head right back to Calypso:

Mighty Duke - "Do What You Doing" (1979):

King Bobo - "Time Out" (1981):

And maybe:

Lord Melody - "O' Level Drinkers" (1980):

Deple - "Vote Dem Out" (1986):

But the caribbean has more to offer to video game music! Next week!

Phil out.

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