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Every Dream is A Work in Progress


It's been a while since I've posted here.

Been so many years that I don't even know if my past little blogs are still on this site anymore. But I remember the fun I had writing the ideas that came to my head about the games I played. It was a time where I felt hopeful, and abudance of joy in the fact that I loved gaming, I loved the industry--I wanted to make games. I wanted to create.

I truly do wonder where that hope went.

It's now 2022. Still in the beginnings of a new year (give or take) and I'm a lot older. A lot more tired. In a lot of ways I have come to know myself more than the person I was years ago. But I'm still lost at times. Still trying to figuring things out. Still trying to figure out where I stand in such a large, intimidating industry I have yet to break into. Not sure that I ever will, but I find myself continuing to try anyway.

It's hard though. I try to keep my head up, try to continue to grow and get better. But every no does begin to feel like a dagger after awhile. Perhaps that's just the sensitivity of an artist speaking, however.

I guess my point with this is to write it all down. To acknowledge what I'm feeling even though I don't really have a solution.

I don't want to give up on my dream. So all I can do is keep trying, even though it's hard right now.

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