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10 Indie Games, One Weekend, Some Words.

I bought the World Land Trust bundle. It's the first bundle I bought since 2012 when I first downloaded Steam.
The bundle states: 'Buy 66 items for $4.99 Regularly ~$486 Save 98%!' So that's about 0.075 a game which means I've paid more for worse at one of those flashy things in the corner of the local watering hole. 
For notice I have not finished all of these games due to wildly varying lengths. I was going to give a Y or N Recommendation for each but these are more impressions than reviews and what didn't work for me could be the best play day to another. Enjoy. 
  1. Botanicula

    A well polished experience designed to delight the eyes, mind and ears. The UI is very simplistic, possibly to a fault but it keeps the game fast flowing. This game looks like it would be a platformer any other day. Some might say it's has too little interaction, you're more the navigator of the superb animations. However, this is the exact type of game I would have loved when I was younger since it moves fast, it rewards quickly and loudly all the while building a small world using pieces we all already (thought we) knew. Fans of 2D-Rayman games, LocoRoco, Little Bg Planet and Vegetarians enjoy away your play.
  2. Teenage Blob

    An 'indie rock album' in the form of a game. A short album. It is a great 15-20mins of fun, musically adjusted recreations of mini-games such as paper-boy, bike & skateboard flash games and rhythm play-alongs but it could have benefitted from a level selection screen and some difficulty modes. I've replayed it 3 times to show someone else the accessible mini-games and the soundtrack (which I got separate and included in the purchase) which I was happy to let grow on me. The game is meant to play as an album but due to having to sit through the opening every time meant some glitches occurred possibly from me rushing it. This meant I had to restart again. Almost as if it didn't like my character design or dialogue options. The game is better than sum of its parts and a few parts are stand-out laughs.
  3. Cloud Gardens 

    I thought this would be a short and simple affair, here we are two or three weeks later, I have not finished it but am heavily invested. I suppose it qualifies as a strategy games so it's already outside of my wheelhouse but this is a relaxing game where you are meant to observe patiently before you make a move. It is very enjoyable and provides a well balanced challenge and fun environment shifting settings. I admit that some levels caused me to feel not very relaxed at times but... I see now that that anger is from within. Play with a mouse for zoom control.
  4. The Stillness of the Wind

    The title certainly clues you in. I've played this a few times and still do not even know if I'm doing what the game expects me to do. But it never prompted to do otherwise me so I am none the wiser. It could be that continuation of any prompts is progress. The game is meditative, plodding and very enjoyable if you wish to live briefly within the shoes of an old lonely woman gathering eggs, milking goats, making cheese, closing gates, checking mail, making meals and trying to do any of those tasks before the sun goes down. The presentation helps all of these things seem more fun. The goats wander off but come back themselves overnight. It tempts me to keep playing in hopes there is something more to discover and I'll happily be lead astray a while longer.
  5. Sokobond 

    A game based around learning the periodic table, an element you can indeed ignore if you choose. It's a link 'em up puzzle game that is fun and a good brain teaser. The came has an undo button which makes it more accessible but it quickly tightens the difficulty. With as many levels as the chart can fit it's a fun and challenge time.
  6. Fugl 

    You get to fly around as many types of birds and when you crash in the water, then you become a fish and can swim. Worth a quick look.
  7. Art Sqool

    'What the-?' - Me in the first minute of gameplay. This was certainly an experiment. I can't help but feel the entire 3D side of the gameplay could have been removed. My own minimalist art I submitted ingame, got a B- grade. The fools think they can grade my art! Maybe I'll grade them when I'm done with it.
  8. Hidden Folks

    For someone, some gamer out there, for some precise color-blind soul, this is the game for them. A black and white Where's Waldo. It's fun, it is easy to progress in the game but a mental and visual workout if you are aiming to find everything you can find in the level. The sound effects are terrific. Playing among impatient company opposed pixel hunt did not go over too well.
  9. Mutazione 

    This is a well polished point and click adventure with a very cool atmosphere. The game is smooth to play, watch and navigate. The interface is fluid, and the presentation is absorbing. The story takes a little while to kick in but this isn't some extended flash player point and click game. The interactions can be very basic but I think I'm allowed to get a little excited about this one since it's a great engine with something better than what I usually get fed.
  10. Samorost 2 

    This is the game I bought this bundle for, to be honest. The gameplay side of things has been a disapointment, to continue being honest. The art style, animation, scenarios and sounds all work gloriously. I just wish this game had actually been a more conventional point and click game, mainly because the game gives little indication of direction or available interaction. You are more guiding the character rather than controlling them. Some would say this is normal of this genre. I'll continue playing because it is too charming to stop and there is little challenge to halt me but I am unconvinced to purchase another entry at this point. 

I recommend giving all of the above a try. It had been some time since I last bought or played even one indie game so maybe I was easily impressed but the return was greeted by almost all positive results. I recommend the bundle (when it is reduced again) or at least look through it to find a game you would like to try. Their scale, budgets and filesize may be small but their ambition, heart and lasting impressions are huge. 

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