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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #212 - El Castillo de Hyrule


Featuring Zelda III - A Link to the Past and latin based pop.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

as promised, another Zelda III (1991) entry. This time about one of the very first themes you encounter in the game: The song that plays in Hyrule castle after you managed to infiltrate it through a marginally hidden entrance:

I think I'm starting to repeat myself if I state that the song sounds like a fiery spanish dance. Unfortunately, I'm not that familiar with spanish dance music yet, so instead I present you mostly japanese pop music from the 80s with an undeniable latin flavour that features structures similar to the referenced sequence. Here we go:

Kiyohiko Senba - "Gokuraku Rumba ( 極楽ルムバ )" (1983):

Yuichi Ikuzawa – Mysterious Woman (1983):

Aru Takamura - "ハートブレイク・サマービーチ" (1985):

Logic System - "Person to Person" (1981):

And for the general vibe:

Yuko Imai - 殺したいほどTONIGHT (1989):

Yoko Oginome - "Mayonaka no Stranger" (1986):

Of course, since the melody is supposedly base on a latin dance style, comparable melodies can be traced back for a long time. This is the earliest comparable melody I have so far:

Nat Shilkret - I Apologize (1931):

I will dig through my archives if there is more Zelda stuff but most likely next week will be something else.

Phil out.

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