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My First Week Back in Drangleic


Since it was the Return to Majula event, I'd thought i'd share me experience going back and replaying the game, hopefully to completion this time before Elden Ring comes out, and I've been having a lot of fun playing with strangers, either being invaded or fighting through the stages/bosses together. Not gonna bore yall with too many words, so I'd rather bore yall with my victory screenshots!

The Lost Giant (or whatever it's called)

I liked the Marth cosplay very much!

Loved the Marth Cosplay.  Overall, lot's of fun characters in my travelers, barring the racistly named ones. I don't summon them in my world.

I do love me a good synchronized Warcry gesture.


This time the host joined in on the synchronized Warcry.  That's <i>my</i> ASMR!!

I love a good synchronized Warcry with my fellow travellers.  Thats my ASMR.

At last, their soul is MINE!

The Ruin Sentinels

cuz 4 is better than 3

Flexile Sentry

The Lost Sinner

Come on, Luet, get with the program and WARCRY!!!

And that's it! I always enjoy helping out my fellow Undead Travellers, I hope I helped out one of you, and if I haven't, I hope to soon! Please summon Gardengourd if you see my sign!


- I had something else here, but this'll do. This'll do great.

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