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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #211 - A Night on Death Mountain


Featuring Zelda 3, jazz fusion and more.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

as promised, another game-pop music comparison for Zelda 3 - A Link To The Past ( 1991 ). This time it is the song that plays on Death Mountain in the Dark World, one of the first areas you enter when first entering the Dark World and the last area you visit before finishing the game, safe for the Great Pyramid. It bears the title "Black Mist":

It shouldn't come as a surprise, that most findings in this post go into the same direction as last weeks finding regarding the general Dark World music: Latin-flavoured jazz fusion. Which was suprisingly popular in japan in the 1970s and 80s. Here we go:

The beginning and general beat of the song may be a rhythm that originates from Tango music. Example:

Kazuhiro Nishimatsu  - 恋に過ごせし宵 (1985):

Jacques Brel - The Bulls (Les taureaux) (1968):

And for the second part starting at 0:35:

Yasunori Soryo - "君を変えたものは" (1978):

Hiromi Iwasaki - "Ai Yo Oyasumi" (1976):

Of course, it would be nice, if we could trace back the song to some actual spanish music. Let's give a try:

For part 1 (the melody that starts at 0:07):

Generally, there is also another lead for the song: Militaristic sounding music from the romantic area which also fits in Kondos profile (most of his water music sounds like some sort of 19th century waltz).

For part 1 ( the melody that starts at 0:07 ):

Tchaikovsky - Symphony No. 5 ( 1888 ):

For part 2:

Iosif Ivanovici - "Valurile Dunării" (1880):

If we walk to the very end, we may even end up in baroque.

Vivaldi ( RV 344 ):

Bonus: There is a song from 1999 that was pretty popular in Japan at the time: "Dango Sankyodai" (Three Dumpling Brothers) by Horie Yoshiro, Satou Masahiko, Uchino Masumi that features several samples similar to different parts to the death mountain music.

Listen especially for the parts at 0:10 (part 1) and 1:48 (part 2 ):

More Zelda next week? We'll see!!

Phil out.

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