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Zombies Attack!!! [Left 4 Dead Review]


Opening statement.

after Half life  2 and its episodes, Team Fortress 2, and portal.  Valve was riding high with games. Half life 2 (and its epsidoes) was an amazing sequel to the already awsome Half life from 1998. portal was a brand new IP from valve and it was adord by people all around. Team Fortress 2 was amazing, great Mulitplayer, and great gameplay. it brought humor along with it and people also loved this game. after all thoose games (that they then put into the orange box) they worked on somthing, that would solidify my love for valve. that game, was Left 4 Dead. it came into the world on November 17th 2008. it AI dirictor was outstanding for the time and the graphics were just superb for the time. the game was just amazing. the charcters were amazing, the zombies were amazing. the game ITSELFWas amazing. but enough buttering this game up...lets ge to the review. my name is Fatal R..and ill be looking at the 2008 Hit game, Left 4 dead. 

Left 4 Dead is an amazing game. (and heres why)

The game is a great mix of great gameplay., and great game design, whice both go great with eachother. If your playing on a good designed map. it could all be broken by the gameplay. but both of them are great. the gameplay feels smooth and easy to pick up. the Desgine looks dark and gritty, just what you would want with a game like this. the charectors have thier own little persinalitys. Francis Is a Subway, Cop, zombie, and hospital hating man who, probably thinks he is invincible (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UXron3wa3w) Zoey is the evreyday women that anyone can relate to, and is pretty amazing at killing zombies too. or as she describes herself in the crash course campaign. 

"Funny, sexy, brunette zombie killer wanted to lead three helpless men to safety."

Louis was the the 'every day' man before the zombie's came. now, he is kicking zombie ass and staying postive. 

Bill, along with being the leader, is the oldest and wisest of the 4. his relationship with zoey reminds me of Ellie and Joel in the last of us. 

The game does a great job at giving enough story that you dont need to pay attention to it. you could just pick up the game and play.

overall this game is great and i think everyone deserves to play it atleast once in thier life (if they like these types of games) 

I give this game a 10/10


thank you for reading, I've been Fatal R. Have a GREAT day. :)

- - Have a GREAT day Fatal R

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