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Incoming Phase: Fortnite!


It’s phase time again and this time it’s Fortnite! Battle Royale games have often eluded me and Fortnite was part of that list, until now. I decided to give Fortnite a try like I often do from time to time and this time it stuck! Twenty Six hours later I’m all in!

Ah… Battle Royale games… the massively popular genre. I’ve tried a few games in this game-style, but to no avail. There is something about them that just didn’t click, with Apex Legends having minor success in my gaming life. Even though as I said, I’ve tried Fortnite from time to time, there was just something about it. I wasn’t having fun. I don’t dismiss games completely though, if it’s wildly popular, then there is something I’m not getting, and I’m all for giving games chances to prove themselves.

Battling a hundred other players and coming up in the top ten every time is addictive as hell. Even if I don’t get any kills, the thrill is still there, and often time I do get the kills. The feeling of hitting that number one spot and letting out that victory yell can be matched by little else in the gaming sphere, people around you be damned. That’s just one aspect of the game, let’s talk about the others.

Fortnite has tons of little cogs at play here. Skins, Emotes, Back Bling (items that go on your back), Gliders, I can keep going on and on here. In the game’s pre-game-lobby you can show off the items you’ve collected and watch as others gather in awe. My favorite being the Matrix movie’s bullet time emote, it gets them every time! Epic Games know what they are doing here, it’s like every day’s item update speaks directly to the gamer in me, but my poor wallet, Epic! It’s pure joy looking at the collection I’ve amassed.

I’ve talked a lot about the game’s systems but hardly anything about the actual game itself. I assume that everyone knows what type of game Fortnite is at this point. Every three month’s aka seasons, Epic updates the game with something new to keep players invested. The latest refreshing the game with a brand new island to play, a new chapter (3) and a new season (re-numbering back to one). It keeps things interesting and people coming back, but being realistic here, my phases only last for a few months at a time.

That’s some of the reasons why I’m currently into Fortnite, stay tuned for future posts!

- Morphinominal!

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About Sapato64one of us since 9:21 AM on 05.20.2016

Hey everyone, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sapato and I’ve been gaming since as long as I can remember.

My first console I started on was the Atari 2600, and it was my brothers. Years later, we received the Nintendo Entertainment System from our mom. I still remember the day and giving her a great big hug. The NES changed everything, no longer were we controlling squares and hearing blips and bloops. ( I was too young to understand it anyways) Instead characters came to life and all kinds of catchy melodies came out from our television.

Our Nintendo came with R.O.B. the robot which was kind of useless, since he was so slow to move, It was supposed to function with the included Gyromite. It was probably the first form of Co-op gaming we had. Thankfully Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt also came with the system.

So we had an NES, followed by a Master System, Genesis, SNES, 32x, Sega CD, and so on and so on. Shout out to J&J Video Games for making trading-in Video Games possible. It was a store at the local flea market plaza. If it wasn’t for them I would not have played as many games as I did.

Mega Man 2 to this day still stands as my favorite game. The variety of bosses, the music and power ups, and the level design were all top notch. I played it so much that I was able to beat it with just one life. Not really a hard achievement considering the USA’s normal mode was actually Japan’s easy mode, and difficult was Japan’s normal.

So there you have it, I hope to post often on the current games I’m playing and making this a gaming journal even if no one else reads it.

Thank You for your time, and I hope you enjoy the site.