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Media Moments 2021: Music


At first, I was going to do separate blogs for Rock/Pop and Rap R&B. Then I was going to make A-list and B-list blogs. But finally, I was like, maybe I can just do one blog and make some hard choices. And here we are. Some of my favorite music of the year.

King’s Disease 2 by Nas is my Album of the Year

I almost never have strong opinions about the Grammy’s, but this year I have just one. I’m strongly pulling for Nas to win for Best Rap Album. King’s Disease 2 is fantastic. If you like 90s style rap, this is a great example of that. Almost everything on here could be a single IMO. It’s very consistently high-quality. This feels like a rap classic, and reminds me of how good 90s rap could be. It’s the best album I’ve heard all year of any kind overall.


Animal by Maria Bercerra was the Funnest Album of My 2021

I don’t keep a close eye on Latin pop, but I got back into it this year and I’m glad I did. It’s so damn much fun. And nothing rocked my car quite like this album. Just danceable party bops all over the place. It’s not exactly deep philosophy in here, mostly just hot-girl shit. But I always try to shout out the funnest album I’ve heard in a given year and this was it.


Dump YOD: Krutoy Edition (2020) by Your Old Droog

Your Old Droog has been on a tear for the last several years. The guy’s a workaholic. I literally checked Spotify while writing this and he has another album out (Spacebar! It’s good!). I got into him fairly recently, and this album hooked me like nothing else he’s done. On Dump YOD, he talks about his heritage as a Ukranian Jewish immigrant. This album absolutely rules, and has this cool vibe to it. It’s a very unique rap album, even within Droog’s discography. I highly recommend Droog in general, but this album especially.


Bops from a Beautiful Brokenhearted Black Boy by YVES is Very Underrated

I don’t remember how this got on my radar, but I really like this guy. I feel like Yves should be a bigger deal. He’s a good pop R&B singer with a lot of pop appeal. He’s got some bops.


All Night by PRIZM (2020) Was My Favorite Retrowave Album This Year

I listen to a lot of retrowave these days. But this was the one I came back to the most in 2021. It even rivals Animal for funnest album. It’s all danceable bops with great beats. Great for driving.

And there we have it. What did you rock out to in 2021?

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