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A 2022 Destructoid New Years Print


Here we are again.  A little New Years gift to remind myself that it still feels good to make art.  Let’s just jump into it, shall we?


What is this?

This year I made a linocut print.  It is a form of relief printmaking, where I carved into a plate of linoleum.  Everything I carved away stays white (or at least it’s supposed to), and everything uncarved picks up ink.  I roll on ink using a brayer, lay a sheet of paper on top, rub the back of the paper a bit and a print is born.  

Unfortunately, despite a degree in the discipline, I’m still very inexperienced and rusty, so the quality of these prints vary wildly.  There are quantum lines between too much ink, a perfect print and too little.  Debris can get on the plate, creating high spots which result in the white spots on some of these prints.  And I’m using water based ink, which dries quickly and introduces its own set of problems.  But despite these problems I’m still pretty proud of what I managed to make, and I had fun.  Might have to do this more often.

Since I decided to make a New Years card this year rather than a Christmas card, I went with the animals of the Chinese New Year.  It helped that next year is the year of the Tiger, which I happened to be born under.  Rather than simply make a robot tiger, I went with a mysterious figure in the clouds, bestowing Sw33tness into all.


How do I get one?

Go here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1it0caW1JXJbSunqdFkcM4bkOv7dwlgWJGMuQR1sZD1E/edit?usp=sharing

Find one you like, write your name in the “Claimed by” column, then make a comment on this post with the number you want.  When I’m ready to send them out, I’ll DM you a request for your address.


Hey, some of these are colored?  Can you color mine?

Sure!  But I reserve the right to refuse your request, if it’s too complicated or otherwise deemed invalid by me.  Also, it’ll probably go out later.  If you want it colored, just let me know how.  Saying “I want it to be like the other colored ones” is a valid request.

Available colors:


How much will this cost?

Nothing.  I’m doing this as a gift for you all.  But if you feel the need to reciprocate, I would encourage you to spend whatever you think this is worth and pay it forward.  Go buy one of Alphadeus’s albums.


What if I live outside the US?

It’s probably cheaper than you think to ship.  If you REALLY want one, claim one and send me a DM.  I’ll look into shipping costs and if it’s not ridiculous, I’ll cover it.  Otherwise I’ll release it for others to claim.

And I think that's about it.  Thanks for believing in me.

- xyzzy

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