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Media Moments 2021: Video Game Music


Unfortunately, this year has been pretty slight for game music that I remember. Forgive me for the things I probably missed. I only have 2 games here with music good enough to get stuck in my head.

Loop Hero Has The Best Music In a Game This Year

I already have a write-up about this game, but you need to know the music in it slaps. In fact, I will die on the hill that it’s the best game music of 2021. It’s not even really close IMO. It’s just operating at another fucking level. Listen to this stuff!


Shin Megami Tensei 5 Has Amazing Battle Music

I don’t generally like JRPG music. Something about those styles don’t hit with me until they randomly do out of nowhere. Technically, many games should qualify, but they don’t stick to me. To make this list, it has to make a lasting impression.

The battle music in SMT 5 works for me. I remember playing the very first fight in the game and being like, “Finally, some music I can care about outside of Loop Hero.” Take a listen for yourself.

And this next one brings chugging guitars to the ancient gods fighting. Blood-pumping stuff.


That’s what I’ve got for this year’s game music. I have no doubt there’s more good game music I didn’t even hear yet, but I’ll leave that for the rest of you. Better yet, tell me below!

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