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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #206 - The Mad Can Dance - Inferno


Featuring Final Fantasy VI and various.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

now the time has come to have a look at one of the longest songs in the Final Fantasy franchise: "Dancing Mad", the final boss song of Final Fantasy VI (1994) which tends to be rivaled only by One Winged Angel in popularity.

Like many last boss songs of the FF series it is a multi sample song that references several other songs of the game so finding everything in one setting is next to impossible. This time our focus is the inferno section of the song (a popular fan name for the first section, since the battle section reminds of Satan from Dante's Inferno ) for which I can offer an explanation for 3-4 samples. Here we go:

The beginning of the song being a copy of Catastrophe isn't exactly a secret. So let's move on to the samples further down.

First, the organ sample at 0:40.

Strangely, this is one I associate rather with the jazz fusion genre than mit classical music. Example:

Pleasure - "Selim" (1977):


Toshiyuki Honda - "Dearly" (1981):

For the part at 0:55:

Jean Philippe Rameau - Gavotte avec ses doubles

BWV 1080 - Art of the Fugue

For the part at 1:33.

Similar progressions can be found in numberous works from baroque to classic. The best one I know at the moment is in Brahms first Piano Sonata:

Johannes Brahms - "Piano Sonata No. 1" (1853):

Vivaldi RV 173:

So far, I don't have a lot of good samples for the Purgatorio section, so I might skip this next week in favor of Paradiso.

Phil out.

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