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Part 5 | Sable - The Hunt for the Thief


All aboard the Mystery Machine!

Table of Contents

Person riding a hover bike with a city in the background

So here we are, a new glider named Sable, beginning our journey of self-discovery in a vast open world. We made it to the city of Eccria in the last post, and right away, we were greeted by Guard Sandip.

Guard Sandip had told us that they needed an outsider's help in finding the suspect for the theft of Eccria's power core. First, he gives us the task of asking around the city to get some information on possible suspects. Once we talk to a few people and speak to him again, he gives us a secondary power core built by Machinist Hamza. He asks us to install it into the power core, maybe even look for clues in there too while we're at it.

Guard Sandip says:

The Shade of Eccria

Before heading out to the power core, though, I run into this older man just outside the city's gate. His name is Maz, and he begs us for help freeing his son. He was captured by the city's guards for illegally tapping into the city's water supply, for good, says Maz, but he was caught and jailed, regardless of his intentions. I agree to help, and when I do, he leans in, places his hand on my shoulder, and speaks in a low voice so as not to be heard. "Have you heard of the Shade of Eccria?" A legend in this wretched city, he says, was a force of justice for the subjugated. He reveals that he was the Shade but retired long ago. The Shade is only a title though, and now he asks us if we will become the Shade of Eccria to free his son. We'll come back to this quest later, but for now, powering the city is my priority.

character named Maz says:

The Atomic Heart

Hopping on my trusty hoverbike, I ride towards the giant plug outside the city and follow its cable towards the atomic heart. The cable itself weaves itself above and below sandy dunes, at times even disappearing entirely under the hot sand. Luckily finding it again wasn't too hard, and I eventually made it. Inside is evidence of tampering with the old power core. Whoever had removed it knew what they were doing, the socket itself was undamaged, but power cables were left out in a mess, almost as if staged. With power back on, I head back to the city to question more people to gather information on the thief.

Sable thinks to themselves:

If you're into game dev or behind-the-scenes stuff, I found this guy explaining his marine biologist RPG, and it sounded intriguing, so Cheers, and I'll see you in the next one!

- Be like water, my friends.

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