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Brazzers Announces Platform Fighter


With the recent uptick in crossover platform fighters such as Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl and the upcoming MultiVersus, pornographic film company Brazzers has decided to throw their hat into the ring with their own game.

Their upcoming game, titled Smashing Stepbro Brawl, will feature various adult film stars and locations based on what Brazzers is calling the “Brazzers Hornygraphic Universe” of “BHU” for short. The company has set up their own in-house studio to develop and publish the game.

“With how many film stars, stories, and locations we have under out belt, we could easily make this game last longer than any of our actors in bed,” said a spokesman for Brazzers during a press conference. “Many of our actors play many different roles such as doctor, cop, fire fighter, pizza deliverer, and so on, which means the costume options are nearly endless!”

When asked who will star in the game, the company responded that they are going to keep their roster a secret. They did, however, give a sneak peek into some of their levels which includes a dungeon, a classroom, a washing machine, and a casting couch.

One point of controversy with the game is its ESRB rating, as it is set to be rated at E 10+ for cartoon violence and comic mischief. When asked about this, the company’s spokesman emphasized that there will be no nudity or sexual content whatsoever in the game. Further questions and concerns were raised when he went on to elaborate that the reason for no sexual content is for “younger audiences to meet the stars early so they can get hooked on watching their artform…w-when their old enough.”

Smashing Stepbro Brawl is set to release on June 9th, 2022 for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch.

(P.S. I don't know the legalities around satire news, so for legal reasons this is all a joke).

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