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I helped make a SUDA51 t-shirt for charity!


Hi Destructoid!

Back in the days when I was co-hosting the Destructoid show, we ran out of money for like a day. One of the ways Niero, our truly fearless (and maybe bulletproof?) leader dealt with the situation was to quickly design a t-shirt and sell it as a limited edition thing. It's an awesome shirt. I wish I had bought one myself but I ran out of money haha.

But I learned a lesson that day - "People like buy shirts, especially if they can also help someone they care about in the process". That's part of why I put together this shirt artist Pete Marshall and the founders of the Grasshopper Manufacture Zine. All profits from the shirt with go to a humanitarian organization called True North Aid. With Thanksgiving coming up around the corner, I still feel super weird about the "Pilgrims and Indians" stuff I grew up with. I have a kid now and trying to explain that stuff to him honestly, but without giving him nightmares, ain't easy. And the Indigenous people of this continent are still suffering. True North Aid helps them, so I am excited to help them to do that. 


But more than anything, I just wanted people to see Pete's sprites, and wear them on a shirt myself. He designed most of these for an issue of Nintendo Force magazine from earlier in the year, and I just love them to bits. He put a lot of work into them though, and I didn't want to ask him to do more without paying him something, so... I made a few of the sprites myself. See if you can guess which ones came from me and which are 100% his. 

So yeah, that's all I wanted to tell you! I helped make this shirt. If you like any of SUDA51's games from the last 20 years, chances are high that one of those games is represented here in one way or another. 15 characters (plus the occasional sidekick, like the crocodile) for SUDA51. The man himself is included at the end, along with his self insert avatar from Travis Strikes Again. 

It's a truly pre-obsure shirt designed for a niche audience. Just like most things I work on. Just like most games from SUDA. And hopefully, just the gift you wanted for the winter holidays.

Wish us luck! 

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