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Extra Life 2021 Part 2: Final Fantasy 8


Where: twitch.tv/taterchimp


When:  Nov 6th, 10 AM CST (maybe) until I can’t take it no more

What:  Final Fantasy 8 HD Remake on Steam

Why: to raise money for the kids!

Goal:  $500

So, here's the deal: 2021 sucked just as bad as 2020, so I am doing another Final Fantasy Extra Life!  This year is Final Fantasy 8, which I have never beaten before, and is also my last mainline Final Fantasy to beat!  In my first Final Fantasy Foray this year, we beat Final Fantasy 6 and raised over 600 dollars for this kids.  I would love to beat 1,000 raised this year, or even better, raising 2500 lifetime (a 'stretch' goal of $700 for this stream!).  Where do you fall in to this?  Donate if you can.  If you can't just sit back and watch, and if you enjoy the show, send friends!  I will be playing for at least 12 hours (shooting for 16), but will likely stop as soon as people and donations start to dwindle.  There are incentives below, but the things I will do for money are definitely not limited to these below - anything else you want, mention it in chat before you donate and I will give the green light.  Let's get some monsters beat, in Final Fantasy and in real life!


Show Nora/Leon! - $3.44 I’ll bring my pet up to the camera

Party Swap - $6.44 Put in your favorite/least favorite party member!

New OST - $9.44 I will play a genre of your choice of DMC free music for at least 20 minutes

Grind Time! - $12.44 Stop Everything and level up the party by 1 level each.

Pretty Picture! - $30.00 - I will draw a (SFW) picture of your choice, and show the results.  If you would like it mailed somewhere, I can do that, too!

Shave the Beard - $500.00  I love my beard.

Change to Dark Souls - $100

Change to Dead by Daylight - $150

Change to FF13: Lightning Returns - $200

Return to FF8 - $50 dollars (only available after 1 hour of requested games above)

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