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13 Point & Click Games I'm Very Excited to Play

I was thinking about adventure games, which could describe many games in the present, but I was thinking about point and click adventure games specifically. This thinking got me writing, which lead to a lot of ramblings, I arrived here, several dozen internet forums more informed, with a list of them. Some new oddities I cannot wait to give a try and wanted to share before I do.
This list is not numbered because the games listed could be in any order. 
Vampire story -
The longer I put this game off the more I'm probably diluting the experience. The people behind it are industry (and genre) veterans and I've used far clunkier interfaces. I always thought this type of setting and 'casual life as a monster' narrative was made for this type of game so I'm eager to see every silly reference and pun they can spit up. 
Gemini man / Kentucky Route zero -
I thought these two games were the same game for a long time so they'll both share a spot on this list if I please it. Both look fantastic, both have legendary reputations, both look like a trip. I intend to own, play and enjoy every available piece of consumable content on offer here in gamer glutton fashion.
Titanic: Out of Time & Starship Titanic -
One is an alternte history and one is an adaptation of the delightful book by the late great Terry Jones. I've settled for worse. Here's a somewhat positive video on the old syled one and another on the futuristic one and both have me very excited to experience it, bugs, warts, blemishes and all.
All of Daedalic entertainment -
While their Deponia games did not grab me I will certainly give them another try. Meanwhile there is Edna and Harvey, Pillars of the earth, A New Beginning , Memoria & The Whispered world all waiting for me to try out. I'm sure for someone out there these games are the warm safe place for everything great about this genre. 
Legend of the bow -
This one passed me in the early ScummVm years and I need its absence corrected with haste. While a lot of medieval adventure games can be maddening, it means that when one really does stand out it is thanks to heart, polish and good budget writing. Robin Hood seemed fitted to these adventures and his merry men ought to add some charm.
Laser lords (CD-I) -
This game is a fever dream of sorts. A good example of what newscasters thought video games would become and not be in any way ashamed of it. Everything I have heard about this game tells me I will love it and be afraid of it. 
Primordia -
I've mentioned this one in passing and I need to just boot it up. I have it installed. It's icon is on my Desktop. I'll play it the second after I'm done this blog. Or after my lunch and nap. It looks so cool and I need to try it just for nerd cred.
The Book of Unwritten Tales -
While no longer a 'modern' point and click adventure it was when it came out, it remains one of the few 3D original fantasy titles in this genre. It's good quality and yet not hard to run. It's fully voiced, animated and filled with high fantasy charm. I played the first level once on an old laptop which is where it has since stayed while its shadow has grown.
Captain Blood (Atari ST) -
There is no justification via description I can do for the game. I did not get the adaptation of the old 1930's Errol Flynn film I was expecting. Thanks to SNESdrunk for picking this one out from the abyss.
Still there -

A horror version of The Dig. Now when someone describes one of these games as being very hard all I can think is 'how hard could it be?' Words I usually will later eat. These are games in this genre where death is only included as a joke or just another one of half a million dead ends. Space does seem like the best place frontier for difficult puzzles so I better act like an engineer.

A Procession to Calvary -
If you've ever thought, like I have, that there is mystical bearded man listening in on everyones dreams so he can conjure up the best game/idea/media that'll be a guaranteed purchase, well then for me, this is that game. Instant purchase from me. I didn't read a review or ever watch any gameplay, the first few words of the Steam description automatically sold me. The purchase process was a vague blur.
Lair of the clockwork god -
A modern mash up for the genre it seems. If you can combine old with new in this genre then you are well on your way to at least getting noticed, good sir/madam. These creators have been dabbling with this style for quite some time and to always positive results but finally we see a culmination of that talent and technical swuave to create a style of their own. And I cannot wait to witness it all.
Unavowed -
This spot could have easily gone to Technobabylon (HM's below) but this game just seems like my idea of a cosy evening. This game comes from an indie developer in the truest sense and shows all the topical rough edges but I'll happily take a cool dip in that lukewarm lake. I encourage you to make up your own mind, with maybe this game, or the others, as a jumping off point to someplace worth visiting because they all pay homage to the classics and want to have fun while doing it which seems the regular with this warm genre safe space. 
Honourable mentions : Sanitarium, Gray matter, Gamedec, Technobabylon, The inner world, Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller, Night in the woods, Bulb boy, Tohu, Samorost, Before your eyes, The Office quest, Runaway 1-3, Blacksad, Below the Root, That one good leisure suit Larry sequel
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