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Snails Tales : Metal Slug 3 Review & Help

Hey Destructoid, long time no blog. I haven't blogged in so long, "God" has been telling me how much I suck for about a week! Well like murder, the first one is always the hardest, so let's just get this out of the way now so I can continue to bring you articles that hopefully entertain and ensure my love for you.

Snails Tales? That's nothing, it's just a clever name I came up with for my reviews. Yeah, I know everyone has there daily/weekly blogs that have catchy titles, and truthfully this is no different. Hey, at least I'm trying to keep it simple! Oh yeah, and remember News In Film? Hell yeah I'm still doing those, it's just nothing has been able to make me want to blog about it. There isn't really any great news out there today, but the same can't be said for gaming. Nope, not today. So won't you check out my opinionated reviews on some really old games? Awesome.

Metal Slug 3

First off, my history with the game is very tight. I remember pumping quarters into this machine in my local ghetto Fox Swap Meet in Venice Beach, all while eating nachos and ignoring the strange man licking pennies, with a cheeto in his beard. So how does it play?

It plays great, actually. The first day I got it, XBLIVE was kind of crippled, and made the frame rate skip to the point of it being unplayable. A week later (and XBL is still gimped) the game plays not quite like single player, with a slight delay, but it is still a great experince. Truly worth the ten dollars just to play with a buddy and kill yourselves as many times as it takes. So it's playable, what about the graphics and sound?

Rawkit Laaaawncha! It's one of the many epic sounds you'll be remembering after playing this game. From the explosions to the screaming, and even the narrarator has that memorable voice, the sounds in this game will definitely bring you back.

The graphics ARE a bit drab though. Very lazily done, and the smoothing option is not an option, it's just there. You try that with Streets of Rage 2 and see what I mean. Though the graphics are about as dull as Jim Sterling when he hasn't had his marmalade, I am quite impressed with how much is happening on screen. I don't remember as much stuff being in the arcade version, and it only makes me wish for 4 player co-op. Yes, I realize the blood was swapped with sweat, shut up about it.

This is a definite must buy.


In Metal Slug, I found about 6 additional paths to take, for a grand total of 9 paths. I still haven't found the chinese guy though, and was wondering if anyone knew how to get that achievement?

Also, I got the highest score on my friends list for Metal Slug as of yesterday! Take that HushGush/Phist! Oh man, in one of the multiple paths I found yesterday, there was a giant f*cking elephant you could ride. WITH GIANT GUNS. That thing kicked so much ass. Then.. I got turned into a jahmbie. :(

And speaking of achievements, the one you get for "not picking up any upgrades" is impossible. Literally. I mean, besides spawning right on top of them, I actually got through a level w/o picking up ANY guns and grenades, but I got banana's and dumb shit like that, and in the end I didn't get the achievement. Anyone else having this problem?
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