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"One of the most riveting political games I have ever played." ~ Riku

First off thank you so much Terminals.io and Fellow Traveller for the opportunity to play and review this game.

 This emotional diplomatic rollercoaster makes you contemplate real hard some of the decisions our diplomatic parties face. Between family life and county. Balance or over focus on one aspect of life. Don't take lightly the decisions you make either because everything has consequences. The depth this game explores in a political minefield is astounding. As a player of many political games involving cities and counties, I've never felt so torn on what decisions to make from the very start.


From your very first click you're having to make some very important decisions that will carry through the entire game. First, what do you want your political leader to look like. Now this may not create as much impact as most would think but I believe at this very point we are subconsciously setting ourselves up for our political reign. As I played through the game I felt the decisions I made reflected majorly what my politician looked like. It might just be me but I feel that visual creation actually had some impact on my choices.


Aside from creating your politicians appearance you start making major decisions for your character from the start. Where they come from. What they experience. Who they meet. Create a family or not. These what would be small decisions in other games impact future major decisions later in the game. Everything bleeds into and affects everything else going on. These deep entwined actions have consequences is the major catalyst of why I love this game.


The personal relationships you make with other party, cabinet, or diplomatic envoys will impact what kind of relationships you have with others as well. Friend one nation then you make an enemy of another. Slight a party member your chances of reelection drops. All those decisions will also have an impact on your personal life as well as the life of the citizens of your nation. This game, unlike= most political games I have played before, truly has you make decisions that impact your personal life. Do you work or take time off for your family? I've never seen that before truly and it's a major point for me. If anyone knows a political game that does have a similar concept please let us know cause I'd like to see how they compare to each other. The reactions and consequences are just astounding. I love how in depth they went with everything involved.

Now I know some of our regular followers are gonna ask, "if you liked it so much why didn't you stream it". Trust me my lovely pups, we wanted to stream it and make a YouTube video. Sadly for some reason we have yet to pinpoint why every time we run Suzerain at the same time as StreamLabs our PC crashes. Leaving us our only recourse to write a blog to tell you all how much we enjoyed this deep, rich, political game. We will definitely be keeping an eye on Fellow Traveller for any future titles that we might be interested in. Our only negative point for the game is controls. As everyone knows, for me, Riku, I have issues with mouse and keyboard. It would have been nice to hit the number corresponding with the choice, or arrow keys and the enter key. It's all mouse and click and even with my special mouse it was difficult for me. Of course controller support is my favorite for accessibility concerns. Ultimately this down side cause of accessibility only limits the game a little for certain gamers who might want to pick this game up. With all this in mind we rate the game 8 out of 10.


- Thanks for reading our Lovely Pups keep an eye out for our next Hunt ~Riku & Sil

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