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Best Games of each year since the beginning of the millennia Part 3: 2002


#10 Grandia Xtreme






An underrated gem that many glossed over at the time, Grandia X-treme is my favorite game in the Franchise.






#9 Super Mario Sunshine









One of my favorite Mario Games and 3D platformers, Mario Sunshine, is one gem of a game that I would love to see more of.







#8 Eternal Darkness Sanity's Requiem





A mind-bending phycological trip through time, Eternal Darkness was one of the six M-rated Nintendo Gamecube games. Though the M rating alone wasn't its only selling point, the developers at Silicon Knights crafted a unique adventure that made people question the way they saw games at the time.




#7 Metroid Prime










While the Gamecube version may be showing its age due to the inability to move forward and backward while shooting ( An issue that was fixed in the Wii rerelease as Metroid Prime Trilogy), This puzzle-platformer FPS hybrid showed that Nintendo was capable of bringing any franchise into 3D.



#6 Metroid Fusion








One of the best 2-D platformers to date, Metroid Fusion was a genre-defining masterpiece that fits in your pocket.


#5 Golden Sun: The Lost Age








My second Favorite GBA game behind the first Golden Sun, The lost age, gave you the ability to transfer save data from the first game to the second with the help of a transfer cable and second GBA. The prodigiousness of this game is something that should be experienced first hand. 


#4 Time Splitters 2








One of the best Sci-fi FPS games I've ever played, Time Splitters 2, is a product of love from developer Free Radical Design.

It's such a shame that this franchise has been dormant since 2005. I think that a remake or reboot of this franchise is well overdue



#3 007 Nightfire (Console Version)









My second favorite James Bond game behind Goldeneye, The console version of Nightfire, offered James Bond fans everything they could want. Unique gadgets that gave you multiple ways to tackle different scenarios. Branching paths that offered rewarding payoffs for exploration, as well as fun gunplay and fantastic 4-player split-screen multiplayer. This game is one that, as a Bond fan, I can appreciate all the details the devs put into it to make you feel like Britain's greatest super-spy.


#2 Age Of Mythology:










One of the best RTS games ever made that is still receiving updates to this day, Age Of Mythology is what got me into mythology in general. 


#1 Kingdom Hearts: 


My favorite game of All-time, Kingdom Hearts, resonated with me so much when I was a kid. Now that I'm an adult, I can appreciate it even more.

From the fantastic worlds to the loveable and eccentric characters, everything about this game feels like magic. I wrote a review for this game going into more detail about why I love it soo much. Kingdom Hearts, to me, isn't just a game; it's art. While some fans may complain that later entries got too complicated, This first entry will always hold a special place in my heart as my favorite game of All time.




Honorable Mentions


Soul Calibur 2









Star Wars Jedi Outcast








Neverwinter Nights





Grand Theft Auto Vice City







Harry Poter and the chamber of secrets








Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4

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