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Victory Through Discipline - Ark: Survival Evolved Stories #4


Today, let's continue our series and learn more about the life of a Roman centurion who awoke on the mysterious shores of ARK.

"Victory through discipline" is the personal motto of Gaius Marcellus "Nerva". Nerva is a Roman centurion in the service of the Roman Empire during the conquest of Dacia.  Since waking up on the island of ARK: Survival Evolved, Nerva has been disgusted by the animalistic behavior of the inhabitants. He therefore seeks to conquer the territory to restore order with his New Legion.

Nerva was a Roman centurion who helped in the conquest of Dacia for the Roman Empire. As a child, Nerva lived in a city in the Roman province of Numidia, an ancient kingdom in northwest Africa. As a child, he asked his mother about the gods. His mother told him of a paradisiacal land called Elysium and the Underworld which posed a challenge to reach that promised land. Later in his life, he came to visit the glorious capital of the Roman Empire: Rome. In the course of a battle, Nerva meets his death and arrives in the world of ARK. After a prudent time living on the Island, he decided to gather a group of survivors to form an army to make the inhabitants of the Island know the name of Rome.

A Roman citizen and centurion, Nerva is a person who prioritizes discipline no matter where he is.  He is a calculating and determined leader who puts his goals before his pleasures. As a tribal leader, he understands that his army needs to be disciplined and trains them rigorously. He then gives them something to enjoy as a reward, which expresses a firm but fair leadership character. Although he is presented with weapons, such as guns, that are foreign to him, he will find them useful if they help them win battles. He is also capable of creatively crafting traps and decoys to easily take down enemy creatures.

Not to be ignored is Nerva's ability as a strategist and leader. Nerva can effectively turn a group of people who have no idea of discipline into the most lethal army on the Island: The New Legion. 

According to Rockwell's explorer's notes, Nerva was honest and had a certain degree of intellect. He was a skilled warrior, mastering both the spear and the sword. Rockwell wrote that Nerva knows politics and, just as the Romans brought the Pax Romana, Nerva could bring the Pax Arcam to ARK Island. When Rockwell was with Nerva, he noted that the centurion, like any military man, would see something in the obelisks, the possibility of using them as a weapon. Deluded with dreams of grandeur, Nerva became blinded by power and the idea of conquering ARK.

While he has some respect for the scientific minds of Helena Walker and Edmund Rockwell, in the end, he uses them and their respective knowledge to help himself to achieve the goal of becoming emperor of the island and using the power of the obelisks to destroy his enemies.

In the ARK Animated Series, Nerva wears Roman-style armor with a red cape, and a raptor skull on his left shoulder. He wields two gladius-style swords with bone hilt.

The legacy of Nerva

Although Nerva wanted to dominate the Island, his actions had profound effects. In a direct sense, he gave Helena Walker, Edmund Rockwell and Mei-Yin a means to escape ARK and travel to other ARKs. Their attempts at conquest had both bad and good consequences in the long run, but overall, their effort to try to conquer the Island has set in motion the entire history of ARK.

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