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12 Games Reviewed Quickly

I enjoy writing but that level of enjoyment does not always translate to quality reading. I now see that reviews take time along with thorough exploration of the content, applied with heart and effort ontop of research. Here are twelve games worthy of quality essay length reviews but instead I just summed 'em up quickly.
  1. Undertale
    It's pretty good. There's a lot that is good here that blends gameplay with story content which is what I usually complain about not seeing enough in this genre. Charming would describe it if you can tolerate the modern dialect and you're nostalgic for this art style. I thought this type of game had gone extinct, and I usually end up happy to be proved wrong.
    3 stars
  2. Beneath a steel sky
    A game that set out to do what it did and it did it so well I don't think it can ever be matched. You have Sierra/Lucasarts charm with the typical hair pulling puzzles, a humourous touch wrapped inside a gritty and bloody sci-fi story. A great time all around and it convinced me to pay full price for its most recent sequel. 
    4 stars
  3. Fallout: New Vegas
    Large, twisted, funny and flexible in its methods of destruction. The hype and reputation is tough to overcome but, thankfully, you can make the experience your own. I hope the fan community continue to fine tune this one since this behemoth of a game script came to life in an engine old at the time of its release. A game engine that allowed just enough control of its inventory and weapons to come into what it is and has been remembered as. In the present day obstacles like licence issues, retired team members, modest budgets and the tempered expectations of game aesthetics may never coalesce ever again to produce another of its kind, albeit with a catalog full of imitators. 
    4 stars
  4. Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time
    The future games trilogy quadrilogy was given a pretty solid third entry with this one. I'm sure I'm missing out by making this my last game to have played in this frachise, but it felt like how those rare third entries come along and combine a little of what was so great in the previous entries. This game added bigger enemies, more explosive guns and a return of platforming (and often mixing the two) after it felt like it had been left behind. The side missions playing as Clank are not as fun on replays since the puzzles are very age friendly. 
    3 stars
  5. Donkey Kong '94
    Spellbinding. Epic. Ingenius. The great gatsby of video games. When Rockstar or Naughty dog look for inspiration on their latest cultural milestone I'm certain they look toward this game. I think every level teaches lesson straight out of the Tao Te Ching (that one is not an exaggeration). This game should be made available and free to every man woman and child. Where there is a screen this game should be built in and only a few clicks/taps nearby. ...in my opinion.
    5 stars
  6. Far Cry 2
    Another game that is as good or as fun as you make it. Just taking cover in the wrong place can ruin your day. An experience that requires out-of-game-research. The main story isn't what you play for and I would compare the presentation to squinting at your date, while drunk, so it appears more attractive. I managed without mods but I would not recommend that approach to other players.
    3 stars
  7. Adventures of lolo
    I say that puzzles game have fallen out of style but then again maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places since when I look in other time periods I discover immortal gems of great graceful simplicity. Ok it's not immortal in the sense that it's perfect as the movements require precision and one wrong step can require a whole reset but the core game retains quality. Set it up with infinite lives and watch the children play.
    3 stars
  8. Plants vs Zombies
    Talk about coming at an idea from every angle and bringing to vivid life every idea you could pull of out a simple concept. This is the sort of game you download for a tablet because a modest sized mobile device would be too small, and the game soon becomes a strategy defence game with layers of fresh tactical cannon fodder exercises. Every time there was a new upgrade I was convinced my time with the game was over but soon I was into the next skirmish, adjusted to my arsenal.
    4 stars
  9. Scooby Doo and the Cyber Chase (PS1)
    Worth it all for the Shaggy platformer & chase stages, which are when this early 3D game simulates a sidescrolling running game... actually that's probably how the whole game should have been. The rest of the levels are fine but when the game isn't trying to be challenging and just using what they know works (since other games had tested and polished it several times beforehand) and that is when it's most fun. The boss fights are too easy, the ice levels annoying and the vehicle sections too demanding. 
    2 stars
  10. The Last Story
    It could very well be the last of its kind, I would call it a swan song but it feels like one last ride in the ole' family truck before you scrap her, rather than a farewell. There's isn't anything new here but it is a refinement by a highly experienced set of eyes and hands. This game soothed the inner traditionalist within me while also making me feel progressive with preferring simplicity regarding story, setting and dynamics. I loved the combat even if the final few bosses are a chaos neon light show that sounds like a transformer. I appreciated the small scale of the side content. Reading up on the development I can see the final game was not the initial vision conceived but they still held strong and delivered something enjoyable if not the most memorable.
    4 stars
  11. Doom 2
    A labyrinth of a game. I had to resist adding brutal doom, but the game soon took over. While the levels can be huge and its secrets hidden deep, the core game is so fun and exciting that I look forward to higher difficulty modes. I love the enemies. I love the weapons. I even love the sound effects. I do not love the platforming. But thankfully the game reminds you of a crazier older time and it shows you a lot worthwhile before any of it gets old or drawn out.
    4 stars
  12. Super Mario land 2
    A really out there kind of game. If this game had found its way to me without the help of the internet then I would have thought it was some foreign romhack. A lot of people won't try home brew games because of the lack of polish, well here is a polished and accomplished product that plays like a strange fanboys fever dream that just happens to star Mario. The game is without a doubt too easy and the screen should be zoomed out further but the game is so weird, wonderful and relaxing I find myself always coming back. Would recommend to extraterrestrial visitors.
    3 stars


While none of these will qualify as reviews, they're a headline of what I thought about the game which is about the same as most reviews I read/skim. The scores were just my feelings after the game was done and I think most would benefit from replay. Let me know any thought you have on these twelve games or any games or even post your own mini-reviews. The power is yours people! Take that keyboard and express yourself. 

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