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Thank you Terminals.io and Bryden for the review copy of Metamorphosis. This is a review sponsored by Terminals.io. I wasn't paid for my opinion or point of view of this game.


Metamorphosis for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC is one of the trippiest games I’ve ever picked up and played. I’ve never had one before but I feel like this is what a psychedelic trip on acid would feel like. Being shrunk down into a bug form to traverse a smaller world with crazy obstacles. I don’t feel this way just because of the shrinking aspect but also some of the visuals in the game.

It’s great for the type of game it is but I do not recommend anyone with a migraine disorder triggered by visuals to play it. This is one reason I didn’t stream it or make a YouTube video like planned. It’s also why it has taken me so long to write a blog on it. I wanted to play the game as far as I could for the best review possible, yet because of the visual triggers I didn’t even make it through half the game, so this review won’t be too harsh on the overall game since I couldn’t experience the whole thing. I apologize for that since I didn’t expect this game to trigger my migraines let alone as bad as it did.

I found the story of the game fun and compelling. I really want to know what happens at the end. Maybe I’ll ask Silpour to play some of it. You are following your friend through the back alley bug way. Trying to inform him, speak, yet unspoken cause you are no longer human. Not only that you have to traverse the world of once human bugs that now inhabit the house. All of which have their own personalities and views on the world you now reside in. There’s also some fun puzzles to figure out to move forward in the story. The intricate ecosystem that you get dropped in is unique to this game and I haven’t seen anything like it before.

I recommend those who can to give it a try. Even though I didn’t get to finish the game, what I did play makes me want to finish it, but also recommend it to people. Just like I said, if you have visually triggered migraines I suggest avoiding it for that reason alone. I’m sorry I couldn’t go into much detail since I didn’t make it that far. If you have played it please leave a comment below. I’m curious what other people think about the experience this game presents.


- Thanks for reading our Lovely Pups keep an eye out for our next Hunt ~Riku & Sil

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