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Call Of Duty World War 2 Pacific


I am a huge fan of the pacific theater of WW2.

I took courses on Japanese-Chinese relationships in college, and I would love to have a story-driven COD game that takes place not just around the Islands of Japan, but China, Russia, and the Philippines as well.

I know it's asking a lot, but I think it would be great if the next WW2 Call Of Duty game had multiple developers working on different campaigns.

There would be three campaigns altogether, One focusing on China from 1936 to 1941, where you played as a civilian who survives the Nanking massacre, only to be captured and tortured later on by Japanese Scientists in Unit-731. While playing as a civilian, you experience the horrors of war, and you are tasked with rescuing other civilians and escorting them to John Rabe's Safety Zone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80_r0VuB_wo

John Rabe was a Nazi who was stationed in Nanking. He used his Nazi Party credentials to establish a safety zone in Nanking to shelter civilians during the Nanking Massacre. He draped up the buildings that surrounded the zone with Swastikas so that the Japanese would know not to attack it. 

Later on in the campaign, as I said, you are captured experimented on and tortured in Unit 731.

You also play as a soldier who has to fight off Japanese troops in Nanking. While playing as the soldier, the gameplay is mostly stealth-based, as you are horribly outnumbered.

You also have some choices to make. There would be a scenario where you are in hiding and witness a woman about to be raped. You can choose to shoot the soldiers who are sexually assaulting her and give away your position, or you can sneak past them and let the assault continue.

This is to show the moral decisions that some people have to make during war.

This campaign would cover 1936-1941

The second campaign would be centered around the Philippines. You play as three people. The first would be a US Marine who gets captured by the Japanese after your first few missions. This soldier is forced to Walk The Bataan Death march. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bataan_Death_March

The Second character would be a female Filipino Sniper, who fights off the Japanese during the Manilla Massacre and rescues women and children from being assaulted. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manila_massacre

The third character would be a US Marine who is in charge of Rescuing the first Marine and the ones who were captured at the beginning of the campaign. Upon arriving at the location where the US and Filipino soldiers are being held captive, you see how badly they've been treated.

Many are starving, and many are suffering from disease. This is to highlight the horrors of War Aspect. This would cover 1942-1944

The Third and final Campaign would focus on Russia.


From August 9th, 1945 to September 3rd, 1945, the Soviet Union and Mongolia fought Japan for Dominant control of some islands. It's a lot more complicated than that, but it would take me hours to explain everything.

You play as an interpreter for a rogue Russian group who can speak Japanese and tells the Japanese that if they surrender, then they will be treated with dignity.

After witnessing the atrocities committed by your fellow Russians and Many Japanese civilians are caught in the crossfire, you try to warn the Japanese of your teammates' upcoming assault; however, you are caught and are branded a traitor by your comrades.

You are about to be executed when some Japanese civilians who you saved rescue you from your captors. You then switch sides as you fight alongside the Japanese civilians for the rest of the war.

After the war is over, your character then runs away and is never seen from again. This scenario is to show that in war, sometimes there are no truly good or evil sides. This story indicates that both sides are capable of committing Atrocities.

And that sometimes the people who do the most to help are the ones we know the least about.

As for Korea, I can't think of any big battles that lasted long during WW2. Japan had occupied Korea since 1910, and while there were some small skirmishes and lots of Koreans who were falsely imprisoned by the Japanese, there weren't many big 'Battles' that I could think of that took place around World War 2.

So I thought that Raven Software, the company that developed War mode for the original COD WW2, could make smaller missions like that which take place in Korea. So maybe make a War mode for this game that has mini-missions such as a mission where play as a Korean laborer and you have to fight the Japanese on the Hashima islands.

Or maybe an infiltration mission where you have to deliver Japanese attack plans to the allies stealthfully.

Or a mission where you have to rescue Korean 'comfort women' from being imprisoned by the Japanese.

This blog was just a scenario I had for a pacific themed Call Of Duty game set in World War 2.

Feel free to comment below on what you might think would be a good idea.

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