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Good morning Destructoid! It's that wonderful time of the week! It's Friday!

This week went fast for me thankfully. Today, I officially start my mini vacation that I took for my b-day! I got the next 5 days off and I plan on enjoying them! No big plans honestly. My birthday is this Sunday 8/1. Might try to go get some hikng in with the gf. Might take a drive up north for a nice little day trip. Wouldn't mind visiting Payson and taking in some of those pretty views. Other then that, relax, eat some good food and just forget about work for awhile.

In bad news, Covid numbers are going up again in the US. AZ was down to 500-700 cases a day. We're now back to 1,500 plus. My hospital is seeing an increase in patients being admitted from Covid as well. So our hospital has been full some days and other patients have been sitting in the ER waiting to be admitted for over a day. So that's annoying. Was really hoping cases would continue to see a decline. Sick of people losing their lives over stupid decisions of others. I miss going out and doing stuff and being able to feel safe doing so.

In more light hearted gaming news, I tried out Flight Simulator on the Series X. It runs fine and looks really impressive. Got bored after awhile though lol Great game to play for anyone who's into flying games. Just not for me. I also tried an hour of The Ascent last night and while I liked it, I wasn't blown away by it like I was hoping. Those trailers really grabbed me. Hoping I get more into it the more time I put into the game.

Chrono's song of the week:

How was your week Dtoid!? Any fun weekend plans? Watch, play or read anything new worth sharing? Let us know down in the comments and as always, happy gaming!

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