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BOB ... Gosh, this is awkward


I don't usually play around with photo mode in the games that offer them. In fact, I'm struggling to think of games recently that had a photo mode in general. There was the demo for Resident Evil VIII but the issue with that is that the tool tips and hints that would pop up didn't really help at all. I couldn't figure out why pressing the space bar wasn't pushing enemies away, and I couldn't figure out why moving the mouse wouldn't move the camera when I had camera mode up. Since it was a limited time demo, I didn't spend too much time trying to figure it out either, but between the PS4 and PC version it's weird that I couldn't. 


Speaking of the PS4 and camera mode though, Spider-Man;


(Miguel O'Hara is a neato dude)


Spider-Man on the PS4 is gorgeous, and while it might not have the best replay value, I can still have some fun just web-swinging through Manhattan and beating up the random criminal. For a while anyway. I eventually started playing around with the camera mode and kept 2 of the photos I took. Here's the other one;


(I'm an adult)


I'll probably figure out camera mode in Resident Evil VIII when I get my copy in a few months, once the price drops. It's a Capcpom game, they don't retain their value. I'm probably never going to use the photo mode in Spider-Man ever again, because I don't see myself playing through it again until I get a PS5 or it's ported to PC...and I question why I take screencaps when I play Switch games because it's an absolutely useless feature. I mean, nobody on the planet is going to see images like this;


(This is about the tone of his games anyway)


It would be great if the screencaps I take on the Switch could be used as background images for the main menu. I wouldn't be surprised if 90% of the tablets on the market right now from as far back as when tablet PCs were first put on the market were capable of using user-made images as backgrounds and lock screen images. Yet here comes Nintendo, saying "No you can't do that, and no we won't be offering themes for the Nintendo Switch either." Even without spending a cent, my 3DS has several themes, and they really make my 3DS feel like it's mine. Whereas whenever I hit F12 while playing a game on Steam, I know I'll be putting that image into my Desktop Wallpaper folder! Images like this one;


(Elite Dangerous is such a pretty game)


I feel like I've streamed my conciousness enough for now. I don't really engage with photo modes in games, I didn't feel the hype for Pokemon Snap, Bruce Timm's The Big Tease is too damned expensive, and I've got nothing else. Have a great day everyone! 

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