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For my 50th album : I will turn your short story into a short song!



I'm gauging interest in this idea, which a few people have mentioned to me in a qpost that it would be cool. Basically, you give me a short story. Could be a sentence, could be a few tweets in length. Nothing too long, otherwise the song may not come out the right way. You can also send me music you'd like it to sound similar to, and I'll try my best to write a song for you that we both can appreciate :)

I guess there are some rules.

- Joke stories will be considered, but ultimately I would like this album to be more serious than comical.

- 1 story per person. Expected max stories of around 30 or so.

- Your username "may" be included in the song name, similar to my Songs for Gamers project, on my Bandcamp. But if I decide to upload to digital stores and streaming services, the name will only confuse things.

I'm fairly flexible with styles, but most of my music sounds like video game music, regardless of what I do. If you need to hear songs I've worked on, check the following links:




Thank you for reading. I hope at least 10 people contribute a short story, up to 30. Dtoid, Twitter, and discord are the only places I'm reaching out for stories. Take care.

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