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Bass Awards [Epilogue]



The apartment door flies open. That, by itself, is enough for Alba to know who's visiting without turning to look.

MARIE: Yoooo! Guess who’s done with her finals?

ALBA: Heyy, look at you! Congrats!

MARIE: The outcome was never really in doubt! Hehehe...

ALBA: Hold on, we have to celebrate this right. Let me grab you something to drink.

MARIE: No need. There’s still a session left before the diploma -- once that’s done, then I’ll throw one hell of a party.

ALBA: And who’s paying for it?

MARIE: Uhhh. I exercise my right to remain silent, officer!

ALBA: Haha, it's been a while since anyone called me that. You okay with Babst?

MARIE: Babst? Really? I’m fine with it. It’s just…

ALBA: Oh, I know. Believe me, I’d be treating you to something fancier if this job paid anywhere close to the old one…

MARIE: Didn’t think anything could knock you off wine, but I guess capitalism found a way!

ALBA: Haha, can you believe HR doesn't consider years of experience in another timeline? Anyway, here you go. There’s more in the fridge if you want.

MARIE: Riight. That was next year, wasn’t it?

ALBA: …Right.

MARIE: The end of the world… I know it’s wrong to say this, but a part of me wishes I could have seen it. From an observer’s point of view, of course!


MARIE: Oh, and thanks, by the way.

ALBA: You’ve changed, Marie.

MARIE: Hmm? Where did that come from?

ALBA: Ah, it’s just. I’ve seen you grow up twice now. Didn’t expect the results to be different.

MARIE: Goooo on. Different how?

ALBA: Ah. You know. It’s not a bad thing! You uhh… You used to smile a lot, but you’ve always seemed so… fragile? Like you were only holding on through me. It’s different now. Not bad! If anything, it’s nice to see you just be… happy. And standing on your own more.

MARIE: Pfft. You think I’m happy all the time? I need to ramp up my bitching about the creeps in class. Can’t let you get the wrong idea.

ALBA: Hahaha. See? If you were a bit more like this on the other side, maybe I wouldn’t feel so bad all the time about leaving you behind.


ALBA: Sorry, sorry, heavy topic. I'll get something to drink too.

MARIE: Hey, let’s say the world ends again, next year. You think you could do it?

ALBA: ...No. Not happening.

MARIE: Even if you knew exactly how to fix it?

ALBA: No. I don’t know, maybe if you died. I don’t even want to think about it. I thought we were dropping the topic?

MARIE: That’s what I thought -- you’ve changed too. And you gotta admit, the “other you” sounds like way more of a badass!

ALBA: Heh. Nothing like that, no.

MARIE: Well, if it makes you feel any better, I give you the go-ahead for what you did! You’re… the nicest person I know. Don’t let your brain convince you otherwise. And if I’m anything like myself, I’d have said the same thing.

ALBA: I’m happy to hear that. I… don’t know if I can believe it just yet. But thanks.

MARIE: You’re most welcome. Now c’mon! I wanna play fuck the dealer. School’s out bitches!

ALBA: Woah Woah Woah! A-are you trying to pass out before lunch?

(Yes, this is a quick trace over Evangelion.) 

MARIE: Why not! No gods, no rules!! Radical freedom!!!!

ALBA: Oh, what am I going to do with you...

Suddenly, a few knocks at the door.

ALBA: Hmm, I don't remember ordering anything... Hold on, let me answer this before things get too crazy.

MARIE: Come back soon, or all your beer belongs to me!

Alba opens the door.

ALBA: Hi, who’s th---

Behind the door, a young woman stands there. Messy hair, strange scarf. But on her shirt, most importantly, stands a logo she could never forget.

MÉLODIE: …Hey. Are you Alba?

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