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I Missed You, Destructoid : A Request


Warning : This blog may or may not be extremely long, but in many more cases than one it should be worth it.

Hey there Destructoid! First, I haven't had any internets all week, so let me just say Happy New Year! As late as a snail can be, I'm posting everything I should've posted within the week that I might have missed, and maybe you did too. I really couldn't think of anything else to talk about today, seeing as how news is slow and there haven't been any real great movie articles to share, so here you go.

FNF Recap

For Friday Night Fights, I had a blast with most of you. Of course we started up with Bomberman Bombershots, and with the way of the rules I found myself out of liquor much quicker than I was hoping. Alot of the regular FNF drinkers were actually there, including myself was DVD Design, Electrobes, Necros, and even our very own Ron Workmeng. The best of the best, truly, and the real reason of celebration that night was bhive and his new 360. Good job!

Well the love didn't last, because an empty bottle of Goldschlager and an hour later, the room was divided to make even more Bomberman hosts. Shortly after, the night was ended with everyone on Haloes. For me this wasn't true, because I was hosting COD4 again. Just like last time, the COD4 room was filled up so much we had to play custom games, and eventually multiple rooms were made, even some private 6 player rooms so that some people could get the points they wanted, and this continued until 3am.

Then, as we all know, XBL had a shitstorm trying to load and connect people. I blame that damn Grinch.

A quick note to the inexperinced : If you're ever playing with us for FNF, the next day is usually just as fun and hectic, though it's not an official party night, sometimes most of us just find ourselves online, so don't hesitate to continue the magic.

A Dtoid Recap

So I've been having fun catching up on you Destructoid, and reading alot of yesteryears community blogs. Been hearing alot about this new XBOX 360 game. My only question is why we haven't seen a "fuck you internet" post from Ron Workmeng. Perhaps some of us haven't put down the eggnog.

Happy Birthday Jim. And this guy.

Just skimming most of these blogs, I see alot of 2008 well wishes, reflections and tributes to many different Destructicans and that one guy. I call him naked Dumbledore. There are really too many to check out right now, but I'll be sure to chime in on most of them.

I was really impressed with the amount of support you guys were showing for FNF. There are alot of individual posts that were made, and I feel it was the best way to end the 2007 FNF's. I think alot of us found where to go, and what to do. It was a blast.. I can't stress it enough.

A Dtoid Request

If you've made it this far, congradulations! I know my writing is a bit drab, but I'm not here to try and make editor, or to even really impress you. Instead, I'm all about the games! I hear from a justified source that Metal Slug 3 makes its way to XBL today! Just in time too, since XBL is being a cold hearted unmerciful bitch. Anyways, I would like to know two things :

1) Does anyone know if this game carries XBLA Co-op action?

2) If so, does anyone feel like downloading said game to play with me today? Man up cupcake, and take the challenge!

Well... I hear XBL is back up and I'll waste no time, so again : Merry (late) Christmas and Happy (late) New Year from me!
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