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#indietoid? Sure, I’ll give you some games to check out!


Indie games are probably one of my favorite areas in gaming to check out. There are hundreds, if not thousands of really amazing and innovative games that are out there that have yet to be discovered, or have slowly been forgotten. So allow me to give you all some recommendations of games that I would suggest you all check out!


Price: $5.00 USD
Platform: Steam, Switch, PS4, Vita, 3DS, Mobile

This game is a mix of metroidvania-style adventure game and slight precision platforming difficulty. The interesting gimmick about this game is you are unable to jump. Instead you shift the direction of gravity to get around a variety of different areas avoiding a whole lot of spikes and other things. You play as a captain of a space crew who must locate his missing crewmates and escape the alternate dimension in which you are trapped in.

Touhou Luna Nights

Price: $18.00 USD
Platform: Steam, Switch, Xbox One

Maybe you like your Metroidvania’s with a lot more color and detail. Touhou Luna Nights is probably the biggest sleeper that I’ve witnessed in an indie title. Though it will take you roughly 5-10 hours to finish, but it is certainly worth the experience.


Price: $10.00 USD
Platform: Steam, Mobile

When I first played this game I was super nervous to even continue playing because I was actually thinking this wasn’t a game at all and this was an actual hacking platform where I was doing a variety of things such as cracking passwords, stealing money from bank accounts, changing my identity, rerouting my network connection, and so on. This is an older game from 2006, but it is certainly probably one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had playing a video game. It uses real life locations and people to get you really (frighteningly) immersed in the game.

Among the Sleep – Enhanced Edition

Price: $17.00 USD
Platform: Steam, Switch, PS4, Xbox One

Too many horror games focus on running away from the terrors that are out to get you. But imagine being a 2 year old...barely able to walk, and can only crawl as a means to get around. Doesn’t sound like you could move very fast can you? Well that’s what this game’s all about. It’s a first person survival horror game that focuses more on stealth and puzzle solving to get you from point A to point B. The overall story in itself is actually pretty depressing and it’s all symbolized throughout the game right up to the very ending.

Dark Deception

Price: $10 Complete; Chapter 1 Free
Platform: Steam

If running from terrors is more your style then you simply can’t go wrong with Dark Deception. It’s Pac-Man meets Survival Horror as your run through a variety of mazes collecting shards of a crystal to help you escape. It plays from a first person perspective and with no way of knowing where your enemies are. Your only aid is a tablet-like device showing you the locations of the shards and the maze layout. Also, make sure you’re paying close attention to the footsteps that may echo around you...

Papers, Please

Price: $10.00 USD
Platform: Steam, Vita, iOS

How good is your attention to detail? Being an immigration officer of the fictional country of Arstotzka you are at the helm of a migration checkpoint validating passports, cross checking, and examining people of all walks of life as they try to enter the country. Its been said to be very accurate according to real life officers who’ve been on the job. You’ll need to check everything from valid passports, correct height and weight of a person, job permits, expiration dates, ID numbers, peoples names, reasons for entering the country, the list goes on. Oh yeah, also taking care of an active terrorist or two….or three…


Price: $15.00 USD
Platform: Steam, Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

If you’re into stories which tie the real world with the game world (.hack, Sword Art Online), this is a game you’ll want to check out. Its about a young girl who awakens inside a ship with no memories of her past and learns that the only way to regain those memories is by playing an MMORPG called “CrossWorlds”. CrossCode is a 2D action RPG filled with many epic boss battles, a huge assortment of skills to learn, and a story that will leave you on the edge of your seat!

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