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Vigor: Everything a shooter doesn't have


Vigor has been an interesting and addicting game for not only me, Riku, but also Sil. I don’t normally play shooter games. The most you’ll see of them from me is during one of the rewards my viewers can redeem called ShootHer cause I really suck at shooters. Vigor appeals to a lot of my favorite aspects from other games I traditionally play. 

Vigor isn’t your traditional shooter like Call of Duty nor a Battle Royal like PUBG. Vigor takes it to a whole new level. It has a story of why you are where you are. Trying to survive displaced in a ramshackle hut. What draws me to the game is not the combat but the resource gathering. You don’t get your weapons by unlocking them by leveling up or leveling up certain weapons. No, instead you go out to find resources. You use those resources to unlock new blueprints by upgrading your crafting table or by finding them in the field. You also gain some materials and resources by upgrading certain parts of your lovely home from home. You can also find them in loot crates which you do not need to purchase to actually receive.

Like Call of Duty and PUBG there are pay to play aspects but Vigor actually provides ways to obtain the exact same thing as those who pay for it. Yes paying speeds things up but if you like a challenge with reward Vigor gives that to you. Silpour and I have both worked our own special ways in this game to go places. Silpour is the battle and win it kind of fighter in a shooter game like this. He does combat way better than I do and he doesn’t shy from it. Me on the other hand am skulk around sneaking trying to avoid the combat at all costs to gather the resources I need and looking for.

Vigor also allows you to play solo or in a group so you don’t actually have to be teamed up. You don’t even get random teams. So if you are a person who likes to fly solo this game gives you that option as well as an option to team up and dominate with a group of your friends if you want that. The versatility and difference from usual shooters is awesome. This game shows you that you can draw out my inner gamer for games I normally don’t play if it gives me certain aspects applied to things I don’t normally like. Like resource gathering and building along with the gun rush with a shooter.

There are a few downsides to this game. Nothing to major but there are times it can be very laggy or jittery. Especially if you don’t have a good connection. We discovered part of our problem was our internet because we had an exposed wire that was dragging our internet. So just expect some lag or disconnections if you don’t have strong connection. Sometimes, not all the time but rarely you will find or end up in a glitch. These are just small matters that can cause some frustration especially if you come up against another player who is glitching all over the map.

A fun part to this game that I haven’t seen in any other shooter is they have treasure spots! These little spots are so cool to find. When you are running around looting houses, cars and crates for resources you might stumble upon a photo. This photo shows you the location of a dig hole that will produce lovely resources, some even rare. I definitely recommend keeping an eye out for that.

Last but not least. The great part about this game is that is Free to Play (F2P). I love F2P games cause that means anyone can pick it up. This game so  far is only on Xbox and Switch. Not sure if a Playstation version is in the future or not. There is one downside. Both Xbox and Switch require their monthly online memberships to play this game. I know all the consoles have their own online membership and how it works. For me that is the one sad part is that a F2P game is technically no longer F2P but that of course is not reflective on Vigor since that part has nothing to do with the game itself.

Over all you have two gamers and content creators that love this shooter for different reasons. We have sunk a lot of time into this game between the both of us on our shared account for The Pack’s Hunt. We give this game an 8 out of 10.

If you try out Vigor and have fun feel free to shoot us a message on Xbox. We love teaming up and joining up with people in our community. You can find us as ThePacksHunt on Xbox. We do not play it on the Switch but if you are a switch gamer you can follow us there as ThePacksHunt as well. We play other Switch games so keep an eye out for our blogs or YouTube videos on those. Thank you guys for checking out this blog on one of our sponsored games through Terminalsio. A big thank you again too

- Thanks for reading our Lovely Pups keep an eye out for our next Hunt ~Riku & Sil

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