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Thank you for fan translations : DoReMi Fantasy


Thanks to the Youtube channel SnesDrunk for bringing this little gem to my attention, among many others for future discussion. 

Ever boot up some Mario Bros. because your child/niece/godchild/captive/non-gamer partner enjoy those games out of familiarity? Then they get 5 levels in and don't want to play anymore because 2D Mario games can be brutal if you came young & unprepared - or they hate the Boo ghosts. 

Thankfully the magical men in the kingdom of Sopooro, Japan sought to answer this great call from all of the babysitters who needed something a little more accessible. Unfortunately, it never left their home country and I was doomed to listen to complaints about Tetris & Ms. Pacman being for old men. Thankfully the internet would not have that. They said Milon deserved an English treatment and so they set right another wrong in the world and I am forever grateful. 

I have not finished this game so this is not a review or a deep dive since me and the little woman who now declares it her favorite game, have yet to see the ending and I will observe since I won't get a go until she is in bed. 

The protagonist Milon may now be most famous for the AVGN episode of the games predecessor and, well he ain't wrong about that game which is why it comes as a small shock since the sequel can't be knocked for many of the same flaws.

This game has fairly standard platformer level environments ranging from green forests to snowy hills, then onto cake lands and castles until you're in some crazy factory that spits out fresh enemies. You've seen it before, probably on the side of a sweet shop, but it stays charming and cute and light to play for the majority of the levels (I think my assistance will be needed for the final levels, I have yet to see). 

I like shmups, and there are weird sub-genres where they call them cute em ups --> https://www.giantbomb.com/cute-em-up/3015-6420/games/
And DoReMi Fantasy is basically the platformer equivalent. The game is full of food, sparkles, bright colors, floating enemies and singing flowers. Basically every sprite seems taken from the brightest, pinkest, happiest section of the little girls toy store.

I sometimes seek out relaxing games after I've died the 40th time in whichever Megaman I picked up to unwind that evening. We have SimCity or Harvest Moon or Mario paint and their modern versions to forget the real world, and this game is here for those who don't play Little Big Planet. This game just radiates charm and good vibes so you know if that is what you came here to play. 

I personally quite enjoy the game and I think the difficulty curve is perfect for someone who wants a good time but also expects a game will continue and gradually throw newer and harder things their way. 

Not for everyone but was just right for that certain someone. 


I hope to do more fan translations as I certainly owe them some sort of debt for their linguistic troubles. Feel free to suggest some other games that never left their shores and we are very lucky to even get to see in English or others. 

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