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15 Games I've been playing and could be for some time


“Nothing endures but change.”
                          ― Heraclitus, or whoever translated for him. 

“Everything takes time. Bees have to move very fast to stay still.” 
                          ― David Foster Wallace

Nothing is built to last. Some experiences are bettered by being brief. I hope the above quotes support this. Here are games I started and have yet to finish. Some I’ve not yet admitted I’ve given up. I revisit them when I try to get my life in order before self acceptance returns or the meds kick in.


15. Demons Souls

'I'll start where the series started' said a younger me many many seasons ago. Great game and with a remake out now so it is the best time to return and remember how I still can't beat that damn dragon.


14. Civilization V

Sometimes the world isn't doing so well so I wipe the slate clean, return to the dawn of man and try not to bankrupt my nation this time around. Maybe I'll forge an alliance and invest in military since the peaceful approach didn't work out last try. 


13. GTA V

They just keep adding some more icing and I’ve a helluva sweet tooth. 


12. Any Megaman game

I played alot of Megaman 2 and some of X but when the big bad enemies scared me off, I tried 3 and I can’t remember where I went from there but I feel good just knowing there are many more. 


11. Ninja Gaiden

Because of course I am, the only reason it has not been abandoned is because I genuinely do enjoy the game. 


10. Final Fantasy Legend / SaGa games

Wanted to play them all, that’s been ongoing for a few years now. No regrets though, all has been so far so good. 


9. Final Fantasy Tactics / Tactics Ogre 

Because I’m awful at this genre and there is no easy mode. 


8. Any Gears of War

While the series is not the flagship AAA franchise it may have once been seen as, the sales numbers and reception remain positive and so does the online community. I’m always a little behind with online gaming and thankfully Gears has never not had a welcoming embrace for my primitive gamer mind. Still alot of fun to be had. 


7. The Neverhood

I started it. Then my laptop broke then I restarted it and got stuck. One day I’ll finish it. If I revisited the game as often as I do the soundtrack I wouldn't be in this mess.


6. Little Samson

A recent discovery for me and losing a save file meant I’m forced to use a backup so I've to redo 3 levels and I let that kill the momentum. But I'll be returning shortly. The game is too good to stay away. 


5. Adventures of Lolo

Currently playing and currently loving. I recommend to all puzzle lovers and those who need a brain workout. 


4. Mr. Gimmick

Incredible, mind-blowing for its time and its system so therefore it is hard as nails. I never was any good at throwing anything and I’m even worse at it in the game world. I don’t even care if I finish it, playing is enough. 


3. Mario Bros. 3

I never got to play this when I was younger and it’s a good thing because it is more difficult than anything adulthood had in store. Great game, just can’t win with it. Many laughs have been had from onlookers of me (trying to) play. Hoping for many more to come. 


2. Planescape Torment

It’s long and text heavy and everything I wanted for when I’ve no plans to leave the house. The unique world and dialogue makes it an easy recommendation for anyone with alot of time and attention to occupy. 


1. Stardew Valley

Natures work is never done! …virtual nature that is, bringing out the very best in the nature of its players. I suppose this game doesn't end and I have yet to try co-op mode so maybe I'll be done when the ground has stopped giving and it demands I go elsewhere. 


My new rule going forward, to use a food analogy, is; don't take the next bite until your done chewing the previous. 

Honourable mentions: Skyrim / Oblivion, any recent Assassin’s Creed, Ark: Survival Evolved, Uncharted waters II, Disgaea, Dreamfall, Prey, Outlast, Little Kings Story. 

P.S I wish there had been more modern games included but I'm actually somehow better at finishing them. Let me know of any shared or different experiences in the comments, love hearing about them!


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