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11 Games I've not played and I am ashamed

How many of us have too many games to play? Go to the site How Long To Beat Steam that totals up the number. How many? Are you ashamed? Good. So am I, but of myself, because I did the test too.
This is just my list. We all have one. I'm confessing.
Overwatch is not here. Those worried may leave.
11. Tales of series (Symphonia)
There was a time when I was a JRPG snob. At the present time I have a wrapped copy of Tales Of Symphonia for PS3 in my house and I have not picked it up. Well I have picked it up, but that was to wrap off a relatives wrapping paper and then put it on that high cupboard shelf. It's outlived a plant. I hear the story alone is 50 hours long but it's really really good tho. It really is. This is that missing part of your childhood you never had. I pick up Mario galaxy and shut the cupboard.
10. Any jet or racing game.
Mario Kart excluded. Everyone is in a circle, talking about joyous competitive online or splitscreen or realistic engine quality and how new hardware would blow their minds. I would look off into the distance, nodding now and again with a smile like a doll having it eyes rolled. People spoke of Warhawk, Wipeout, Motorstorm, Colin McRae: Dirt, any Need for Speed, Burnout etc. I liked the bikes in San Andreas. Did any of you lads play Tony Hawk?
9. Anything N.Switch related. 
I played Smash Bros once when tipsy at a party. I was ok once I got used to it. Oh! And then a game of Mario Kart, but I think there's more to it than these two games. Hear Mario and Zelda are a blast. Before it was an excuse of finance but now it's outright avoidance, I blame the other games on this list. 
8. Super Mario Bros.
I got a chance not long ago to try it on a NES mini and I died on the third goomba of the second level, it was the end of my turn and I passed the controller.
7. Far Cry 3 - 5 or however many
I played Far Cry 2. No one believes me when I tell them that. They look fun. 
6. Command and Conquer 
I missed out on many of a friends-night-in playing this game on a LAN setup because I just can't give out... *checks steam* ...2.39 for a copy?! Well I could but I would need to play it in private so I'm not terrible so I'll need the time for that so I'll wait til I have the time. If there was a war I would be inexperienced in yet another area. 
5. World of Warcraft
I think I have an account. I've definitely booted it up. But in truth I would not be able to tell the difference between it and LotR online. Heard it's good. Alotta passion in the fan base. Watched a friend play it once. Looked fun and huge. I once played Warlocked on the Gameboy.
4. Fallout: New Vegas
This one is a fib, I'm currently playing it, have been for the last year in fact. 80 hours in and finishing up the last side quests which there are more of and I'm not proud. I haven't been proud for so long since I got around to playing it so late that I made an Xmas present out of it.  Now I'll finally get the hype, the memes, the mods! It will all come together soon. 
3. Shenmue 1-3
Possibly a gaming sin right here. I've had long enough. My Dreamcast emulator didn't work that time I tried to set it up on my family home computer which broke later in an unrelated incident. I was 12. I didn't try again. It was too expensive on the Xbox. There's a HD remake and it's in my steam library and I will never play it without the physical copy out in the open demanding to justify the purchase.
2. Witcher 3
Well there goes any remaining nerd credit. I did play Withcer 2 and liked it alot. I was just burned out on open word games when this game around and now its over half a decade old and in that time I've bought a copy of the Last Wish which has the Netflix cast on the cover.... this is time I could have spent playing it and washing away the shame. I'm sure I will love it when it does happen. Fate gave me a pandemic and I played The Sims 2. 
1. Resident Evil 1
I don't know what is wrong with me. It is a heavy shame I wear. I've had the GameCube game for a decade. I own it in steam. I've played 2, 4, 5, 6, 7. Hearing its name spoken has even forced me to excuse myself, the shame too much to bear. I cannot watch the P.T. Anderson film adaptation because of the shame. I cannot even pick up the game and pretend to be scared the shame is too great. I want to get the Jill sandwich jokes, I want to have some clue how the story started (gave up on answers). I want to escape with Barry! 
Honourable mentions:  BotW, Last of us 2, God of War 5, Fallout 4, Skies of Arcadia, Russian Roulette 
P.S I have played FIFA and NBA, people would put me on at parties because I was so bad. I threw the basketball like a shot put.
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