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funnyphotofriday REPOSTED for your consideration

I Have set up an E-Mail for this [email protected]

It has been suggested to me that I start a weekly blog showing funny or/and embarrassing Pics of our community members. If this is something YOU the D-toid community want leave me a comment or send me some pics through my D-toid P.M. I will post at least one pic a weak with whatever title or short story you send with it. The rules are as follows.

#1 No Actual nudity (if you've seen my recent Velocity micro contest entries you will note that I came very close to actual nudity but never showed any.) Please look at my past blog entries to see what I mean. (If you send in nudes I may use them also but for my own purposes) FAP FAP FAP

#2 No shopped photos. Cropping and basic editing Like color sharpness and tint are ok but we want you to be artistic and funny without adding in a pic of workman with Cheeburgers mom. (if You send obviously shopped photos I may use them also but in a different blog)

#3 Don't SUCK Use your imagination. Use Props, Make Sets, Do whatever you want but make it Funny or shocking or both If I get enough people sending stuff in I may even branch out to other categories.

Here are a couple that you may have already seen to get the party started But remember This will only succeed if YOU THE D-TOID COMMUNITY MEMBER shows your support by sending in your pics if this gets a big response I will make an E-mail account(probably on yahoo) Just for this.

Uh Oh I got caught lookin at the bosses butt. eww

If you wish to submit a photo Please E-mail it to.
[email protected]
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Well I like the older racing games such as carmegeddon (the whole series), Road Rash, Mario Kart, Need for speed, Moto Cross Madness and such. I also like games like Civilization I've been playing it since the original Black and white and I've so far enjoyed all of them though I haven't played 4 as of writing this. I liked star craft and the first 3 War crafts (haven't played WoW yet). I loved Speedball brutal deluxe on sega (probably the closest you'll get me to anything sports related). I now own no consoles and a really old pc so I don't game as much as I'd like to but when I get my new Pc I hope to make a little more time for it. For now I like to keep up by reading D-toid and I thoroughly enjoy being a member of this community. But whatever happens Most of my life is taken up by my family. My wife and kids are just to irresistibly beautiful to be denied.I can't wait for my kids to be old enough to play video games with.