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Oh how my spirit is faring.



There are many times in life that the memories and dreams we hold onto simply become distant.  At the same time, many times, there are even more experiences we regret not having.  

Then there are times we simply have a moment that reminds us of something important.  For me, Spiritfarer has provided me that moment.  

The last year has been difficult, to say the least, for a lot of people.  Many ups and downs were had by myself and my family; from having a first child to seeing family members lose their memories to a disease.  No matter what the last year has brought us, we all have to look forward and lean on each other.

When I first booted up Spiritfarer, I was apprehensive about the art style, as typically I don't care for the "Disney-esque" look.  As many things have done...it grew on me.  What I didn't expect was to be swept away into an experience of busy-work, life lessons, and love.  For me, this was the right game.  At the right time.  In the right moment.


I've struggled with bouts of depression and loneliness at times in the past, even though on the surface others may have seen something else.  Sometimes I try to fill voids with games where I race around a track, shoot baddies, or even fly over the Grand Canyon.  Occasionally I've been known to stare gazingly at numbers moving upwards.  Or hell, I even use to enjoy doing some good ole farming.  Whatever to avoid what is behind the door of tomorrow.

Spiritfarer has you confront that door.  

You have to grow crops and grow relationships.  You love and you miss.  The emotions the game invokes have hit me like an arrow to the gut and sometimes to the dick.  There is no watching porn after playing this game, as you will feel sappier than a clown who lost their nose.

I would love to tell you that this game has the best fishing mechanic, it doesn't, and that it has the best shearing sheep mechanic, it doesn't.  But what it does have is the ability to make you feel.  

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