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Best Games of each year since the beginning of the millennia Part 2 2001

2001 was an incredible year for games. These are some of my absolute favorites.
#10 Sonic Adventure 2
While it might not have been the genre-defining masterpiece that fans of the series or Dreamcast fans were hoping for, Sonic Adventure 2 was a great way for the franchise to end. It's a shame that Sega just continued to milk this game series dry for decades after the fact. Still, at the very least, this one game showed us that there was a time when Sega and Sonic team actually cared about giving us a quality product that didn't pander to fans or insult their intelligence. As IGN said in their review, the Dreamcast didn't go out with a bang, but with a Sonic Boom.
#9 Halo: Combat Evolved
While it might not be the most replayable or technically marvelous game in the series, Halo Combat Evolved put Microsoft's Xbox on the map.
Although the inability to walk while in a crouched position did kind of feel awkward even back in 2001, the game as a whole was better than the sum of its parts.
#8 Hundred swords.
While this game was only given an extremely limited physical release on PC in the United States, Dreamcast fans in Japan had access to this game on their home consoles.
This Real-Time Strategy game was Smilebit's first attempt at making a game of this scope: While it might not have been as good or memorable As Age Of Empires 2, the simplistic fun of this RTS made it a great starting point for kids and newcomers to the genre.
It's such a shame that very few people know about this game's existence, and even fewer have played it.
#7 Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies
This military flight sim game provided me with hours of fun back when I was eight years old. The Simplistic story told with anime still frames and a melancholic narrator gave this game a sense of purpose.
You can tell that a lot of heart went into this game.
#6 Super Smash Bros Melee.
While it might not have the most amount of unlockables compared to the other games in the series, This was still one hell of a fighter.
The gameplay is so tight that even ten years after it came out in 2001, people were so in love with it that fans created their own mod for the game called Project M in 2011.
I must confess, I never owned this game growing up, but I went over to my friend's house to play it all the time.
#5 Desperadoes: Wanted Dead Or Alive.
One of my favorite Real-Time Tactics games ever, Desperadoes: Wanted Dead Or Alive, had me glued to my computer for days on end when I first got it.
#4. Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2.
One of the best Star Wars games out there, Rogue Sqradron 2, Made up for the lack of a good Star fox Game on the Gamecube.
#3 Max Payne
While a tad clunky at times, the original Max Payne engrossed players with its noir aesthetic, as well as Max's Signature bullet time mechanic. The story was pretty straightforward, but it was the way it was presented that really stuck out. With Comic book style cutscenes and occasional nightmare fueled dream sequences that made Max feel like he was losing his grip on reality, this game was Remedy Software's introduction to the big time.
#2 Golden Sun.
My favorite Game Boy Advance game has got to be Golden Sun. It's a shame that this gigantic RPG had to be split into two games, but for the scope of the game, I kind of understand it.
#1 Metal Gear Solid 2.
The most divisive game I've ever played, Metal Gear Solid 2, helped make Hideo Kojima a household name outside of Japan. While many people at the time complained about the dialogue being a bit too on the nose and the Cutscenes being a bit too long, with Metal Gear Solid 2, Kojima showed us that Video games could be just as much fun to watch as they are to play.
 Honorable mentions:
Worms World Party.
download (8).jpg
The Typing Of The Dead
Luigi's Mansion
Mars Matrix
Conker's bad fur day.
Alien Front Online
Jakie Chan Adventures (GBA)
Unreal Tournament
Yugioh: Duelist Of The Roses
Grand Theft Auto 3
Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3
s-l300 (1).jpg
Devil May Cry
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