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Top 10 best games of each year since the beginning of the millennium Part 1 2000


I love video games and have loved video games for as long as I can remember.
I will be making a series of lists of the best games of each year for the past decade.
This list is for the year 2000.
Grandia 2
While the Dreamcast didn't have many RPGs, they made sure that every one of them counted. Grandia 2 might not have been the killer app that many Dreamcast owners were hoping for, but it was still a well-made RPG with a unique mix of real-time and turn-based combat. A 35+ hour story and a great cast of characters.
 Star Trek Voyager: Elite Forces
An underrated gem developed by Raven Software, this First-person shooter made great use of its Sci-Fi aesthetic.
Though I haven't played it in over a decade, I can still remember all the good times I had with this game. Elite Forces and the Star Trek Voyager arcade light gun game are my two favorite Star Trek Games of all time.
Soldier of Fortune.
Yet another Raven Software forgotten gem, Soldier of Fortune, was Call Of Duty before Call Of Duty.
The level design might not have been the most intricate, and the Cheesy Story and voice acting might make it hard to get invested in the world, but the gore factor and variety of ways to dispatch your enemies more than made up for it.
When this game came out, it was revolutionary for allowing you to blow your enemies into pieces in 23 different areas of their body.
Resident Evil Code Veronica
While it did play a lot like the other Resident evil games at the time, Code Veronica is my favorite of the classic Resident Evils.
I even like it better than most of the modern Resident Evils.
It's my third favorite game in the franchise behind Resident Evil 4 and RE2 Remake. It's such a shame that Capcom probably won't remake this game as their next two games in the franchise will be an RE4 Remake and the new Resident Evil Village.
An absolute joy to play even after 20 years, Counter-Strike Started as a mod for the game Half-Life, and while it was technically released unofficially in 1999, Valve didn't make its release official until 2000. With its easy to learn difficult to master gameplay, Counter-Strike dominated the PC FPS market for years.
Pokemon Silver/Gold.
When I was an 8-year-old kid in Elementary school, I remember all my friends talking about this game. With THe first generation of Pokemon being such a huge success, Pokemon Silver and Gold were some of the most wanted games I could remember at the time. I remember how I traded all of my Pokemon to my friends and we all tried out best to get as many as we could.
Perfect Dark.
Taking advantage of the Nintendo 64's Expansion pack to give it double the RAM of the average N64 game, Perfect Dark was everything that an FPS fan could dream of back in the year 2000.
A great story, multiplayer that built on top of Goldeneye's, unique Sci-Fi weapons, and the most badass female protagonist in video games at the time ( Sorry Laura Croft). This and Banjo Tooie were RARE at their best.
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2.
My Favorite Skateboarding game and one of the best sports games of all time, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 set the standard for rewarding its players with unlockables.
#2 Skies of Arcadia.
The Dreamcast's best RPG is the stuff of legends. We're talking over 80 hours of combat exploration and fun. While most RPG protagonists at the time were emo narcissists whose lack of complexion made them look as though they haven't gotten any sun in years, Skies' Main cast was cheerful and optimistic. On top of traversing a massive world, you also got to customize your very own pirate army, ship, and base.
And if that's not enough, the game also had free DLC, which added dozens of hours of content to an already large package.
Honorable mentions:
Record Of Lodoss war.
This Dreamcast RPG wasn't released in the USA until March 2001, but it was released in Europe and Japan in 2000, so it technically does count as a Y2K game.
This dungeon crawler had addictive gameplay and a great sense of progression. While it didn't have an online mode, the 25+hour story entertained me more than most online games did at the time.
Banjo Tooie.
While many people see this game as inferior to the original banjo, I actually liked it better. Though deciding on which banjo game is the best is something that many people still debate on to this day, the fact that this game is still so legendary speaks to how talented the developers at RAREWARE were.
007 The World Is Not Enough.
My second Favorite James Bond game next to Goldeneye, TWINE on the N64 was an absolute joy.
Sword Of The Berserk Guts' Rage.
At the time of this game's release, some said it had the best graphics on a console. With its arcade action and intriguing plot, this game was Ameria's exposure to the Berserk franchise.
Tech Romancer.
My favorite Fighting game on the Dreamcast, Tech Romancer, offered hours of entertainment with its vast amount of unlockables and fast-paced arcadey action. The story was pretty good too. Although I am disappointed that the planned Anime based on this game never got made, I'm still proud of Capcom for giving us this gem.
#1 The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask.
Hated at the time of its release for being too different and dark in theme, Majora's Mask has gained many fans in the years since its release. My favorite Zelda game to date, I remember all the hours I spent after school trying to 100% this game.





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