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Action Figures : Marvel Zombies (Pic)

Destructoid, I have a confession. A nerdy one at that. You see, over the years I've collected at least tens of thousands of dollars worth of Star Wars memorabilia. Most preferably, the action figure.

Yes, from the Millenium Falcon to Sith Lord Exar Kun, and even a battle damaged shuttle Tyderian, I have a mighty impressive collection. I even have alot of the old school 70's figures for the movie. I'm still in the middle of refurbishing my new home, so you'll have to wait for that blog, when I start showing off how much Star Wars crap I really have but don't need.

Until then, I also collect various action figures, mostly obscure and unheard of. This is not the case today, as I've gone out and bought something that should be most familiar. I present to you, Zombie Captain America, from Marvel Zombies.

Isn't he cool?! Spiderman really shouldn't be in this pic though.

No, cereally Spidey, you might want to get out of there..


To Be Continued
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