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Quick scores for all the games I played in 2020


I was able to play a bunch of games this year, and I enjoyed my time with most of them!


Super Castlevania IV 9/10

Castlevania Bloodlines 8.5/10

Castlevania Rondo of Blood 9.5/10

Castlevania Symphony of the Night 6/10

Titanfall 2 8/10

Nioh don’t like it/10



Tokyo Mirage Sessions 10/10

Uncharted 1 6.5/10

Uncharted 2 8.5/10

Uncharted 3 8/10



Murder by Numbers 8/10

Kero Blaster 9/10

Animal Crossing New Horizon 7/10

Picross s3 hell yeah/10

OG DOOM 9/10



Luigi’s Mansion 2 5/10 (beat first castle, stopped playing)

Persona 5 Royal 10/10



Henry Hatsworth 8/10

Persona 5 Dancing 9/10

Xenoblade Chronicles (played 12 hours, got bored) 5/10



God of War 9/10



Shin Megami Tensei IV 9/10

Catherine Full Body 9/10

Ape Out 9/10

Gato Roboto 8/10

Pikuniku 7.5/10



Persona 4 8/10

Environmental Station Alpha 9/10

A Short Hike 9/10

Momodora 8.5/10

Risk of Rain 2 6.5/10

Odallus The Dark Call 9.5/10



Rivals of Aether I’m bad/10

Bloodborne (beat 5 bosses, last one being amelia, looped around back to central yharnam and was done playing) 8/10

Mario 64 8/10

Sayanara Wild Hearts 10/10



SMT Devil Survivor 9.5/10

Persona 4 Dancing 6.5/10

Mario Sunshine 9/10

Mario Galaxy 10/10

Inside 8/10



SMT Strange Journey Redux 10/10

Crash Nsane Trilogy 8.5/10 (feel about the same about every game in the trilogy)



Sonic Mania 9/10

PixelJunk Eden 2 8/10

Spyro 1 6.5/10

Dicey Dungeons 10/10

Gris 9.5/10

Her Story 9/10


Overall a great year in gaming for me. I found out how satisfying old Castlevania is in its combat and level design. I discovered my love for the MegaTen franchise. Realized Naughty Dog has made some pretty fun games in the past and I can see why Crash was so popular. I now know that I'm not interested in playing Souls-likes. I finally found a rogue-lite that I truly love in Dicey Dungeons. Reconfirmed that Mario games are sweet and that Mario Galaxy is one of the best games ever made. And I continued to find extremely unique and memorable games from indie developers.

Let me know if you want any explanations on how I feel about these games, or let me know your own thoughts on them!


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