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A Very Special C.B.M. Christmas


Ok, so I know what you're thinking when you read "CBM" in the title, but this is an actual Destructoid Christmas miracle. No, your parents didn't get back together and your dog is still dead, but Merry Christmas anyways. I'm talking of another miracle, the miracle of great friends, internet tributes, but most of all : presents!!

Yes that's right, your very own CBM have had a wonderful Christmas, and I'll tell you why. This year is the first year of our special circle (jerk) of friendship, and since we love each other equally, we couldn't decide what to do. Instead we did what every large evil corporation does, and that's a Secret Santa Service! Alot of gifts were mailed out and exchanged, but lucky me lo and behold the one sucker to recieve my name was Camtub.

So this is my thank you post to Butmac. You're a great guy and a great gamer, not to mention we will always wait for your next community tip video! Just further proof of how badass our community really is.

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