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The rise and fall of my XBL

*sigh* More shit happening. This time it doesn't involve drug lords and abuse of authority, though.

So after the story told in my previous blog, my parents were really worried about me. They accompanied me to the station for my stolen/confiscated/probably-lost-forever cellphone. In case you're wondering, they said I can pick it up on Monday cause they haven't "examined" it. Makes no sense, and my dad complained but it didn't work.

Anyway, I had been asking my parents to lend me their credit card to get XBL Gold. They have been fearful of giving away their info ever since my older brother stupidly bought an m3 through a hoax site and my parents had to pay like 600 dollars in expenses that were made in Canada. Today, though, they agreed, and after reading through the whole policy and privacy statements for them, I was a proud member of Xbox Live Gold.

My dad was interested in this "online fad" I'm part of, so he had me set him up a game of Rock Band for him (side note, he plays drums). After selecting Dani California and going halfway through the song, tragedy striked. My router had disconnected us from XBL. This has happened before and every time it increasingly annoyed my dad.

This time, though, he had had enough and tried to fix it. He gets on the router's setting and changes stuff. I'm pretty sure he's gonna mess it up but say nothing 'cause there's always the "restore preset values" button. So he tells me to test it now and I do so. Great, the Xbox won't connect. I run the connection test and find out there's something wrong with the wireless network. I tell my dad to restore preset values but then he tells me there's a thing that wasn't preset and that he changed it. I try to fix it but the drop down menu won't show that option.

Now, I'm gonna ask you sexy men with balls as epic as Zangief's, does anyone know how to fix this?

Hopefully you guys can help, but if you can't, I think my brother might be able to help. If not, the computer guy who set up the network will have to be called, but that's ok.

Looking forward to playing with you guys on FNF/whenever. Add me for games of Rock Band/CoD4/GoW/Halo 3/PGR4/TF2

GT = Braulio09
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