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Epic Setlist = Also, Cawk Band with IRCToid

The most epic thing to ever grace Rock Band has just ended; the first setlist by a full band of IRCToiders (aka, IRCers from DToid, DUH). The band composed of me on guitar, PraiseChaos at vocals, Endo40k abusing his index finger via bass, and j00zt1n raping the hell out of his drumset. No, really, we had to call family to get him off of it. We all managed to rock and continue to mock each other in the manner that you could call brotherly love, with songs such as:
Blitzkrieg Bop
I Think I'm Paranoid
Celebrity Skin
Dani California (in which we scored over a million points; 1,012,008 to be exact)
Enter Sandman
Highway Star
Run To The Hills

However, not in that order. But, our finishing act was most epic; as we lacked a drummer, for j00zt1ns dog went into seizing (as Chieftain put it), but we still rawked like true DToiders, for DToiders. And Mcdonalds. And the dog. We rawked with Welcome Home, and got a nice speech at the end from PraiseChaos thanking the imaginary crowd, knowing we blew the minds of those fans. To the men in the band, we came, we rawked. Then we left.

Seriously, this game's so much fun with DToid. must be done again :D
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