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Friday Night Fights 22 : STFUAJPG '07


Thanks to GuitarAtomik for unknowingly being the inspiration, if you want the shirt, go get it. Also a big heads up to the IRC for helping with the title. You guys scare me.

Happy Holidays Destructoid! It's post Christmas time, but that doesn't mean the party stops for us. Last Friday for FNF we had an epic time killing turrists, and even winning haloes. Alot of you posted your thoughts and recap blogs, and for this I applaud. This year in general has had a rocky start. We saw the rise and fall of Friday Night Fights, but when the c-blogs came to fruitation the revival of FNF has been nothing short of an uphill battle. Well here we are a year later, some old and some new, but the main things haven't changed : The games.

This is why I've encouraged you to let us know what you want, because that's all that really matters. There have been some great Friday's, there have been absolutely dreadful Friday's, but in the end you should Shut The Fuck Up And Just Play Games. "STFUAJPG" is a (phrase copyrighted by Tom Fronczak) meaning Im sure we can all get behind, and by the end of the year the meaning still remains the same.

Most of us will be playing COD4, and there are a handful that have agreed on Bomberman and Bombershots. Wait.. that second one is just a bad memory. What I really think we should just do it, well.. whatever you want! So comment below and find a buddy! Join a clan! Maybe even revolt against the masses to just get your damn UNO on. It doesn't matter this week, because it's the last year of FNF's in 07.

FNF - Discuss

There's been alot of discussion over how things are done. This is great news for me really, it means that you guys are more intrested, and that you want more diversity. There is a discussion being taken place in the forums if you're intrested.

I'll sum it all up here though : There are alot of people in the XBOX crowd, and we've been having a great time. CaffeinePowered has been doing an excellent job of taking care of the dtoiders that use their PC's for Friday if I can remember to update the damn thing, and the PS3 has had an on going battle. We've been thinking about making seperate posts, but that may be a good thing. The only trouble with that is I need other people to man up and take responsibility, and by that I mean you have to ditch your life on Friday to hang out with us and collaberate through the week. I'll be having an e-mailer open for discussion, and if you would like to join and voice your opinion, or even take charge, let me know. Just remember : This is not an official branch of Destructoid entertainment, it's a fully community operated whore house. I mean gaming night.

(Snaileb at gmail)
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