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Game In Progress: October and November 2020


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Ooh boy. Man, the burnout is real! Let's just say, October was one hell of a month work-wise, which left November as my personal self-care half-month. During November, I decided to take two weeks off. Doing work of any kind was not on my mind. Other than the small bit of game-dev I did in October, that is.

No pictures this time because, for the small amount of time I did work on my game, it was spent troubleshooting.

I am still having the same issue for rotating/spinning the object whenever the user wants to see a different face of the shape. Right now, my code rotates the shape around a central point, rather than around the shape's own central axis point. There were points where the code worked for a few moments, before inputting a different direction and then it rotating in a weird way.

To show an example of what I want, here is a short video showing it.

Now just imagine that rotation, but in 90 degree increments.

I am pretty sure it's just my code. Also my google-fu needs to be stronger as it leads me to the same posts with somewhat similar suggestions and code. Or sometimes to the exact posts I read an hour earlier. Funny enough, The above video is the first time I'm seeing it. And the end result looks exactly like what I want. I'm glad I got around to making this post if it works!

I'm sure this is an understatement to most who are reading this, but this year sucked. But December is here and the new year is right around the corner. 2021 needs to get here. And with it, a fresher mentality for not only me, but for my game, too!

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